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With our limited knowledge of what exactly will happen due to the upcoming polar shift, the least we can do is prepare and have a plan in place so we know what to do at that time.  Here are the first steps to undertake.

The inevitable event of the polar shift and the stoppage of the Earth from spinning,Guest Posting calls for preparation in the long and short term.  Let's talk about what to do when it happens and shortly thereafter.

The definition of a "safe place" will be discussed in another article as that in itself is a rather complicated subject.  Assuming you have a safe place, the absolute first thing to do when the process has started is to take yourself and your loved ones to that safe place.  The earlier you get into action to secure yourself, the more chance you stand to survive the effects of the polar shift. Fortunately the signs have been clearly and timely announcing the event; hopefully you haven't been ignorant and taken measures to get yourself into safety for the long haul.  The timing of this will not take you by surprise, as the "inbound planet will be seen in the sky, unaided by telescope, for 7 weeks prior to the shift".

The actual stopping of the rotation of the earth will not come as a surprise...all clocks, watches and anything mechanical that has a regularity as a clock will act up big time and the actual stoppage will take a full day.

You may or may not be in your safe location at the time the planet stops rotating, there is not an immediate reason to panic although most people will be in shock and simply not do what they need to do to withstand the effect of the polar shift.  You'll still be able to travel by rail and road; however rail infrastructures may be out due to the magnetic fields and storms.  Same goes for cars whereas basic diesel engines will be your best bet to operate without issues.  In any case, start moving to that safe location immediately if you aren't there yet.  For many people even that safe location will not be sufficient to survive.  This all depends on the effects following the polar shifts and how serious volcanoes and earthquakes will damage our infrastructure and nuclear facilities.

Since it will be fairly easy and accurate to calculate the precise moment of the Earth's standstill the closer we get to the event, during the actual week final preparations and rehearsals can be made and minor issues resolved.

The actual day of the standstill, one part of the globe will experience a very long night which will be much colder than usual, and the other part an extremely long daytime with extreme mid-summer conditions.  Either way where you are, make sure to prepare and anticipate these situations.

Since the magnetic storms not only will generate heavy rains after the day of standstill, those rains will be preceded by high and heavy winds.  The lower to ground level you are, the least effect the winds will have on you.  Being below the surface may cause other issues such as floods, earthquakes and collapses for example. Downpour, deluges, and flooding might occur, depending upon your location.  So wherever you are riding out the shift should not be where you will be flooded or drown.

Existing structures are best avoided, so do not plan on being in or under any existing structure. The least structures there are around you during quakes, the better. Plan on being prone, not upright, so roll along the ground rather than being dashed.

Now that you have established what you need to do when the hour arrives, the next thing is to watch for the actual hour.  It is crucial that you assign a revolving role for people within your group to non-stop watch the skies for signs of change. The tail of the passing planet will curve toward the earth, due to gravity attraction, so some red dusting will occur almost as soon as rotation stoppage occurs. But when approaching the hour of the shift, the tail lashing will get extreme, with not only red dust but gravel and hail falling.

This will be your sign that the shift is within hours to occur, at which time you all should seek shelter under the sod or metal roofs that have been constructed over trenches, or under overhangs.  This will protect from falling debris and magnetic storms.  During the standstill this might not be good enough as you need to make sure not to come in contact with solar radiation since the absence of the magnetic shield, lethal radiation is no longer filtered by that shield.

It is not necessary for all to be prone, for hours, as long watching the skies is ongoing and done by competent individuals. Children, in particular, should be allowed to release their energy in play, but keep them close and within voice call.

One of the final signs for the start of the stoppage will be the separating of the crust from the core and that is unmistakable, in that jiggling can be felt. Stars or the Sun, or whatever visible in the sky will move. When this moment arrives, preparations for the shift itself should be made: lie down, keeping children firmly in hand so they cannot panic and run out into the wind or lashing tail.

To keep the spirits up and avoid as much panic as possible, singing out loud in a group sing or some other engrossing activity will help in this regard.

At the end of the hour, it will be apparent that it is safe to emerge, as jolting will have stopped. A test can be done against the sky. Have the stars or the Sun stopped moving? Then the shift is past...assuming that no other major natural disasters have put into action, such as lava spitting from volcanoes, tsunamis flooding low lands and so on...but that is other material to discuss in one of our other research articles.

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