GeneWise, Making Wellness Personal

Aug 18


Matthew Willis

Matthew Willis

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Introducing a newly launched wellness product that is exclusively formulated for you, based on your DNA makeup! This is a revolutionary new science that will completely change the way you make your selections of personal product choices for health and beauty purposes.


Finally,GeneWise, Making Wellness Personal Articles you can remove all the guess work from your daily regiment. You simply send a swab of your DNA away for genetic testing and a unique supplement tailored to your own specific needs is created. The company that is launching this DNA based product is GeneWise, and they are introducing the LifeMap Nutrition System.

GeneWise is offering the first product that is one hundred percent personalized to your DNA makeup. The company has already developed the world's first and only DNA guided skin care system, and is expanding their product line to include the first and only nutritional product completely designed to your individual genetic makeup. We all react differently to pharmaceuticals and foods, and health care supplements are no different. Our DNA differences drive this reaction, and we each require different nutrients to obtain optimal health. It is no wonder that many people keep changing their supplement in search of truly feeling better as a result of their intake. Not all nutrients are beneficial to all people.

You do your own non-invasive DNA testing using the supplies that GeneWise provides to you. The process is simple, easy to understand, and self administered. All you have to do is swab your own cheek and mail the swabs back in the special envelopes sent to you by the company. The laboratory will determine your test results and develop the specifically formulated supplement your body needs. For the first time ever you can rest assured you are providing your body with the exact nutrients it needs.

GeneWize will return your individualized formula to you in approximately two to three weeks with your own report. The report is written in easy to understand terminology. Your product is fresh, no shelf life, because it specifically created to meet your individualized needs. There are approximately 177,000 possible ingredient combinations based on your unique DNA makeup. They even offer an opportunity for you to earn money if you want to supplement your income, or just simply desire to receive a discount on your monthly product order.

Millions of people desire optimum health, but this is the first time that they can actually be certain they are receiving exactly what their body needs. Supplements should not be one size fits all, and finally science is making it possible. The product you receive has no shelf life, it is created for you once your unique genetic makeup is determined. Find out what all of the buzz is all about, the supplements are affordable even though they are a unique blend for your needs, costing an average of three dollars a day. There is even a ninety day money back guarantee if you do not feel you are truly receiving optimal health from the supplements. GeneWize, making wellness personal, welcome aboard.

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