10 Ways To Help Those In Need

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10 Ways to Help Those in Need

1. Give your time.

Volunteer for organizations that work with people in need. Many
people are hesitant to volunteer because they fear that the time
commitment will be overwhelming. However,Guest Posting most organizations
are happy to accept any help, maybe even a small specific job or
assistance with one specific project.

2. Be consistent with your plan for giving.

There is a great need for many charitable organizations during the
holiday season. However, the need escalates after the holidays
because donations stop almost completely for several weeks
after Christmas. Spread your plan for making charitable
donations out throughout the year.

3. Consider donating items.

Many people don't donate money because they either don't have
the cash to spare or they feel distrust of organizations collecting
donations fearing that the money won't reach those in need.
Consider donating actual items, like sleeping bags, coats, or
blankets to the homeless during the cold months. Providing items
like those to direct service organizations insures that they will
reach those in need. Everyone has things like that around the

4. Use your expertise to help train staff in nonprofit

Nonprofits run on a shoe string. Most of them cannot afford to
train their staff as well as they would like. Whatever your
specialty might be, considering doing a free training seminar or
session with the staff of a nonprofit. This gives you an
opportunity to give back while at the same time enriching people
who work hard to help others.

5. Get educated.

Take time to learn about the issues involving those in need in
your local community. Do some research into the political climate
that effects people who need services. These issues range widely
from community to community. Learn what is happening in yours
so you can make informed decisions and know how best to help.

6. Get politically involved

Learn about where your local, state and federal officials stand on
issues that concern the poor and the impoverished. Write letters
and express your opinion...take time to go to the polls and vote
for candidates who most reflect your values on these issues.

7. Work with the children in your community.

Poverty is a vicious cycle handed down from one generation to
the next. Think about becoming a mentor for a needs family and
give something back...help break the cycle of poverty.

8. Donate some of your services

If you're a lawyer do some free legal work for the less fortunate.
If you are a physician give some free medical care. If you're a
development coach donate some coaching services. Whatever
your specialty is there are people who need you. You will
discover great rewards by giving something back to those who
can least afford you.

9. Put your passion to work

If your passion is basketball, coach a team in the youth league.
Find ways of making what you love to do become beneficial for
those in need in your community.

10. Don't ignore your fellow human beings

We all come from the same source...the same place. The less
fortunate are our brothers and sisters. Treat them with respect
and dignity. Give them a "hand up" not a "hand out." Let's not
ignore our fellow human beings...we are all in this same world

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