3 Tips to Beat the Law of Distraction

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Are you suffering from the "Law of Distraction?" If you are, you are not alone. When I ask people what their #1 challenge is, it's usually not enough time at the end of the day. I'm going to give you 3 tips to help you beat the Law of Distraction and stop it in its tracks. However, if you really grasp this, get ready for your life to start changing from the inside out... fast.

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Linda,Guest Posting a subscriber, wrote me recently and said, "One of my greatest challenges is staying focused... to finish my website content, my income tax return, organizing my office, etc. The Law of Distraction is in action!"

Are you suffering from the "Law of Distraction?" If you are, you are not alone. When I ask people what their #1 challenge is, it's usually not enough time at the end of the day.

Now what does this have to do with hand analysis, you might ask? Everything. So with help from your hands, I'm going to give you 3 tips to help you beat the Law of Distraction and stop it in its tracks. However, if you really grasp this, get ready for your life to start changing from the inside out... fast.

Tip #1: Determine Your Level of Self-Esteem

Feeling scattered, lacking focus, not finishing what you start, are SELF-ESTEEM issues. That's right - self-esteem issues. In your hands, these "issues" are represented by your middle finger, Saturn. Saturn comes up a lot in this ezine because he's the god of the harvest: "As you sow, so shall you reap."

As a taciturn disciplinarian, Saturn makes the rules. It's not personal, it's just the rules. One of the "rules" is that finishing what we start invariably moves us forward in our lives. When we resist doing what our inner voice, our inner Saturn, prompts us to do, such as finishing that tax return, cleaning out that closet, cleaning out your car, and so on, the key is to act upon that voice. It means being committed - another Saturn word - to finishing what we start and staying focused.

Let me give you an example. My home-study course, "How to Read Your Own Hands," took me 19 months to complete. 19 months! In reality, I probably could have written it in about six months with some concerted effort. Sure, I have a busy life - two step-daughters, three dogs, a husband, etc. - but that's not the REAL issue. I knew in my soul that by finishing this project, it would move my business - and most importantly, ME - forward. It would move me OUT into the world on a bigger level. When we stay preoccupied with non-essential tasks or resist finishing the tasks our inner guidance is prompting us to finish, it's really about our core fear of being seen and humiliated. So we delay, procrastinate, and try to hold off Old Man Time, Saturn's other incarnation. We attempt to manipulate time and put off what we know we really need to be doing... which leads me to...

Tip #2: Find Your Inner Purpose

As a hand analyst, one of the first things I identify in your hands is your life purpose. Your life purpose is in your fingerprints. Your fingerprints don't change - so your purpose doesn't change. It's your purpose for life. This purpose is an inner purpose. I express my purpose this way, "I am here on the planet to inspire others to be all they can be as a successful business owner and spiritual teacher." My fingerprints back me up on this, of course!

How would you describe your inner purpose? Go ahead and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths with one hand on your heart and another on your belly. As you get centered, silently ask your soul what its purpose is and listen for the answer. Now open your eyes and write that answer down. Here are some I've heard just this week from my clients:

* My purpose is to hold people's hands and help them solve their problems

* My purpose is to express joy and beauty

* My purpose is to reveal the soul to the self

* My purpose is to be a messenger in the spotlight with a message of healing

Now imagine THIS purpose is informing EVERY single action you take. When I wash the dishes, I ask myself, "How can this task be filled with my purpose?" The answer I almost invariably hear is this, "Be still and know that you are spirit incarnate. Breath and do what is right in front of you. If your mind wanders, just come back to your breath and the dishes. The world can wait. Just finish what's right in front of you." That inspires me - "inspire" means to breathe in or be filled with spirit - and I am in my purpose. You can be in your purpose all the time simply by being aware of it.

Now here's the BEST part! When you know your inner purpose, you know what you need to do, to delegate or to dump entirely. Trust your inner purpose. I know that getting my taxes done is important, but it doesn't inspire me, so I've delegated it to my wonderful CPA, Larry. When he talks about taxes, it's a spiritual experience. Why? He's INSPIRED by what he does! I also delegated my bookkeeping to a woman named Phyl who told me that she loves to do books because, as she puts it, "I help make the lives of my clients easier!" That's life purpose in action.

Tip #3: Find Your 3 Daily Priorities

What are the three things you MUST finish today to MOVE YOUR LIFE PURPOSE FORWARD? Saturn loves the completion of tasks. Maybe it's getting your ezine written, finishing a chapter in your new book or creating a vision board. Each night I write down my three *inspirational* goals for the next day and post them on my computer screen so I can see them first thing in the morning. My recent list said: "Buy a new car; finish ezine; call printer about info product production." Check. Done. Then I take lots of un-structured time to focus on what brings me joy and expansion.

Here's an example of this past weekend for me:

I typically take off Friday afternoon through Monday. Friday afternoon is spent on weekly desk clean up, doing important personal or professional errands or working on my "move forward" marketing materials. This Friday, I spent the afternoon with my husband to purchase a new car - with another teenager, I need my own set of wheels!

Saturday and Sunday typically have NOTHING scheduled in them. I mean nothing - no appointments, no errands, nada. Then I think about what I really want to do and allow the weekend to FLOW.

This past weekend went like this:

Saturday: Slept in until 10, went to Home Depot with my husband and sat on a trolley having an hour cell phone conversation with a friend while he got what he needed, went to lunch with my husband, went home and then went shopping with my step-daughter for school clothes. They went out of town that evening, so I was alone. I spent the next seven hours creating vision boards for my body/health, business and family/home life. During this, I had the movie, "The Secret" running on the TV. I played it twice from beginning to end to keep me in an *inspired* mood. I completed two of the vision boards and they are proudly hanging in my bedroom where I can see them and feel them morning and night.

Sunday: Slept in until 10 AM, had breakfast, sat in bed answering email until about 3 PM, started writing this ezine and finished family/home life collage. Did some laundry in between those tasks and emptied the dish washer.

Monday: Had Weekly MasterMind phone meeting, wrote a sales letter for my new product, "How to Read Your Own Hands," finished the day with an early evening coaching session with my personal coach.

How do I get the other stuff done? I like doing laundry, so I just pop in loads and fold laundry between client calls. Exercise is a non-negotiable. I just get up five days a week and drag my arse to the gym. Period. Then it's over for the day. I don't like cleaning, so the kids do that and periodically, I hire a cleaning crew and bring in the carpet cleaners. Filing, grocery shopping, bill opening, bookkeeping, taxes - all delegated to other people.

How do I do this? See Tip #1. Don't say you "can't afford it." That's a self-esteem issue. I now have two Virtual Assistants, an in-house office manager and the aforementioned bookkeeper and CPA. However, I started with one VA, five hours a month. That was about 2-1/2 years ago. Just start somewhere.

And if you don't, you can't say you don't know why anymore. It's because you know that if you do start living from your purpose, you're going to have to show up. So come on out and show us what you got! The world is hungry to experience your gifts. Don't hide behind that clutter and scatter anymore! The Law of Distraction is really just the Law of Attraction any way.

If you're attracting distraction, what are you distracting yourself from?

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