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Dec 19 22:00 2001 Ruth Marlene Friesen Print This Article

Do you have a friend who tends to well up with ... easily? Those tender ones who won't hurt a flea,and whom you ... accuse of going ... with ... do you steer clear of them

Do you have a friend who tends to well up with tears
very easily? Those tender ones who won't hurt a flea,Guest Posting
and whom you sometimes accuse of going overboard with

Or do you steer clear of them because their tears
make you uncomfortable? I know, I know. I've got some
friends who avoid me and are embarrassed to death if
they see me tear up, and my face gets sort of scrunchy
and red. And wet. Mine's awash in tears so quickly.
Would I embarrass you?

Let's look at the ones who always have their emotions
in check and never blush or shed a tear. Somewhere,
somehow, those people have learned to cover up and
hide their feelings. However, with that, given the
right circumstances and temptations, comes the
ability to be deceptive. Such a friend can fake a
friendly enthusiasm, but be plotting a revenge on a
lower floor in their soul. I used to admire them; now
I stop and listen for my intuition to reveal their
true motives.

I suggest that you deliberately choose us easy-weepy
tender-hearted ones as your best friends. I'll tell
you why.

The ones that cry may embarrass you in public, but
only as long as you allow yourself to feel marked
out. You will always know what they are thinking and
feeling, and generally it will be in your favour,
rather than their own. These tender ones empathize
with and cheer the loser, and sometimes you feel
like a loser, right?

People with a tender conscience are able to hear the
voice of God, and are the most likely to experience
His angels carrying and protecting them. You're safer
in their presence than on your own.

Those with a clear conscience before God will be
happier and content with little things, and not so
likely to be demanding of you. It also means you'll
seldom find them bitter and thus withering in their
bones, and drying you up with them.

Be unashamed when your friends's a good sign
they are not afraid to be vulnerable, for only the
vulnerable allows themselves the luxury of loving and
being loved. They also know intuitively that if you
want to handle roses you'll have to accept some thorn

Smile, don't fight the tear trembling in your own
eye, and join in the anguish or joys of the moment.

If you're shopping around for new friends because one
has wounded or disappointed you, go among the kind,
gentle people, and watch for one who weeps or laughs
easily, is open and vulnerable, and with a clear,
tender conscience. Now show that one the same kind of
loyal care, openness, and identify with this one's
pain or joy.

Blessings on your new friendship!

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