Don't Let Your Past Dictate Your Future.

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The past has brought us to where we find ourselves today and we cannot alter that. We can, however, refuse to let the past hold us back from achieving our goals.

You cannot change things which are in the past but you can change the part they play in your future. In one way or another,Guest Posting past experiences have helped to shape the people we are today. Past events have influenced our current situations in all sorts of ways. The past has brought us to the area where we live, it has dictated the kind of work we are qualified to do and has been a factor in all aspects, big and small, of how we live our lives today.

To prevent your past from defining your future, you need to put it firmly where it belongs - behind you, in the past, a memory with no power to influence your future. Don't make the mistake of using your past as the reason or excuse for your failure to achieve your goals. The past might have led you to where you are now, but it cannot reach out and hold you back unless you let it.

There are people who have experienced traumatic events in the past. These events have directly influenced their present circumstances but the extent of the effect the past will have on the future is within each person's control. A traumatic, tragic or even just mildly unfortunate beginning in life does not automatically mean that is how the rest of your life must be lived.

For example, a person's history might reveal that he was brought up by alcoholic parents who neglected his education. He will tell you this is the reason he obtained no academic qualifications and currently has a job doing low paid manual work. This is factual information but, if this person goes on to tell you that the events of his past are the reason he will never achieve much in life, he is using the past as an excuse. He is depriving himself of the future he could have if he would let go of the past. From the position of blaming your past for your present condition, it is easy to slip into laziness or even an attitude of cringing self-pity. You will often hear people blaming childhood deprivations for the fact that they have no hope of achieving anything noteworthy in life. These people live in an attitude of helplessness and hopelessness when, in fact, they have as much chance as anybody else of achieving success if they would stop thinking about the past and allowing it to fill them with negativity.

Evidence of the fact that the past need not dictate the future can be found in the life stories of many great achievers. Think of the wealthy businessmen, leading sportsmen, great scientists, movie icons, super models and entrepreneurs in all walks of life. Did they all achieve success, fame and wealth because they came from a privileged background? Did they all have caring parents, a superior education and limitless financial backing? If you study their life stories you will find the answer is no. Many of these successful people started life in an ordinary or even underprivileged style but they were able to achieve success because they freed themselves from the constraints imposed by the past.

It is easy to blame your origins for your failures but it is just as easy to turn your back on your past and create a successful future. You don't have to change anything apart from your own outlook. By thinking differently, you can steer your future in the direction you want to go. By refusing to think negatively and filling yourself with a positive attitude, you can achieve any goal you set for yourself.

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