Establish Key Connections – Connect To Yourself

Feb 5


Kimberly Fulcher

Kimberly Fulcher

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This article will help you develop the relationship with yourself. This is the most pivotal connection you will make in your lifetime. Your self is the core of who you are and it will always lead you down a path of joy and empowerment.


The relationship you develop with yourself will be the most pivotal connection you make in your lifetime. This is the link that allows you to understand what you want,Establish Key Connections – Connect To Yourself Articles who you are, and how you want to live your life. Your self-connection will ground you and give you a sense of certainty that will allow you to move past your social mask and beyond the bravado of ego. Your self is the core of who you are—it will always lead you down a path of joy and empowerment.

The intimacy you experience with your core forms the basis of every other relationship you have. When you accept yourself, you will more easily accept others. Your ability to like, support, and appreciate yourself will make you much more likely to like, support, and appreciate the people in your life.

One Thing To Think About

Your willingness to slow down, get still, and listen to the core of your being allows her to start communicating with you. She has answers to every question you can ask. She knows what your strengths are, and she wants to help you direct them. She understands what your weaknesses are, and she accepts you anyway. She knows, unquestionably, what you need to live a balanced, joyful, fulfilled life, and she will tell you, if only you’ll listen.

She is your guardian angel, your wisest guide, your heart’s song, your internal catalyst, the voice of your soul. She is you as your most authentic self, and she wants you to know that there is no one like you in the world. There never has been and there will never be another like you again. You are an original.

Your ability to successfully make and maintain a connection with the wise guide inside of you will catalyze you to tap, explore, and evolve your unique potential. You establish and nurture this connection by developing a relationship with yourself.

One Question To Answer

What contribution will you make to your world? Who will you touch while you have this gift of life?

One Challenge To Take

I challenge you to develop a high-quality relationship with yourself by scheduling at least one date with yourself each week for the next eight weeks. For each appointment, try one of the following options or something else that sounds like fun to you.

•Keep a journal




•Listen to uplifting music

•Take an authentic outing (something you do for pure fun and indulgence)

•Engage in old hobbies

•Cultivate new interests

Take out your calendar now and schedule your weekly date.

As you grow accustomed to showing up for yourself, pay attention to the activities that give you a true sense of satisfaction and joy. Let go of those that don’t prove to be beneficial, and consider integrating the other activities into your routine.

Until next time, take care!


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