Growing Up Does Not Mean Giving Up

Jun 12


Ronnie Nijmeh

Ronnie Nijmeh

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Sometimes, we can utilize our past memories to develop our present and future experiences.


Remember your first kiss?  How wonderful it was?  Even though you had butterflies in your stomach,Growing Up Does Not Mean Giving Up Articles and your heart raced a mile a minute, it was such a memorable experience.  What about that first thrilling ride on a roller-coaster or blowing out all of the  candles on your fiftieth birthday cake?  Those moments just takes your breath away, and they warm your heart and rekindle your spirit.

These cherished moments are the fuel for our fire.  They are the soothers for our souls and the band-aids for our emotional wounds.  Without these unique, extraordinary experiences, we would not be who we are today.  And, we would not be where we are today.  Each of these fond remembrances is like a distinct fingerprint in our minds.  They are special - no two are alike, and they identify specific momentous times.  We merely need to close our eyes and tap into our memory banks to be reminded of the wondrous impact these memories have on our existence.

More often than not, we need these reminders of our past to help us see our future.  Each and every act in our lives happens for a reason, and they all lead us to something greater.  We just need to learn to read our life’s map.

To help us understand and master the ability to read our map, we should incorporate faith, positive energy, happiness, confidence, peace and motivation into our normal routine.  These attributes shape our thinking and behavior.  They are the drivers for our journey in life.  They help to keep us whole, grounded, and on our way to bigger and better things.  Without them, we can become hollow, confused, and lost.

And as with everything else in our life, we must engage and interact with our drivers to see profound results in our careers, relationships, and personal development.  We need to feed the drivers and make certain that they don’t ever fade.  And our memories are a wonderful source of nourishment for them.  

Yet, another way to cater to our drivers is through inspiration - a consistent well of stimulation and encouragement.  And an inventive, good source of incitement can be found on motivational desktops.  These free motivational wallpapers represent each driver in stunning forms.  The inspirational quotes provide a sort of legend, or key, to help us decipher our maps.  The combination of art and words show an individual where they are, where they’ve been, and where they have still to go.

By maintaining reminders of the people we love, the accomplishments we’ve achieved, and the goals we are ascertaining, in plain view, we are exercising our drivers and launching them to new heights.  And these motivational desktops are ideal tools to guide us along the way.  They allow us to truly keep what’s important in sight.

If we can hang on to those little motivational treasures, our minds and spirits can take us anywhere.  For some of us, our memories may not always be great, but they are ours to own.  And from them, we can generate the desired outcomes.  As we continue on our voyage through life, we are surely to create more memories and experiences, which we can later add to our glorious life maps.  The essential part of growing up is knowing that you don’t necessarily have to give up yourself to obtain the things that you want.

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