How to be More Effective

Jul 30


Casey Cavell

Casey Cavell

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This article will no doubt help out mangers become a more effective manager and people, which will add to our bottom line. We not only care about our bottom line but we also do many of our trainings on personal development


By Casey Cavell

President,How to be More Effective Articles CSSM, QSM

Always Open Storage

I was on a training call the other day with my management consultant Rick Jordan.  We always try to interact in personal development with our management training programs. That day he put together a nice training handbook for our self storage manager’s titled “How to be a More Effective Manager”. I wanted to share with you some thoughts that I generated from that powerful presentation. This presentation will no doubt help out mangers become a more effective manager and people, which will add to our bottom line. We not only care about our bottom line but we also do many of our trainings on personal development because we feel the more our employees grow as people the more our business will grow.

Rick used the phrase “READY” to help explain how to be more effective. I soon plan to start posting this around the office for it to constantly be on the minds of our employees. READY stands for reliable, efficient, attitude, dependable, and yours.

Rick uses the NIKE logo as an example of reliable. Their slogan as many of you know stands for “Just Do It”. Managers have many jobs and tasks to perform. It’s their responsibility to go out there and just do it. Owners cannot overlook everything they do on daily basis, so they have to be reliable that the task gets done. I read something today that said know what you are expected to do and always do a little more.

E stands for efficient. He reviews that there are certain task that are “big rocks” that directly impact revenue vs. small rocks that are less important aspects of the business. As long as our managers use their time wisely to complete the big rocks, the little rocks will get taken care of as well. It is important to stay on task, avoid disruptions, and get the task completed.

The A stands for attitude. Rick quotes William James by saying “It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult task which, more than anything else, will affect its successful outcome.” Whatever attitude we have positive or negative it will affect the culture of the business. Only you individually control your success and your positive or negative attitude toward things will be the deciding factor. I would like for you to take a minute and think of this statement by Charles Swindoll “I am convinced that life is 10% of what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it” Please take some time and replay a recent struggle you have had and see how your attitude has played a factor one way or another. Now the next time I encourage you to look at the situation in another way and bring a better attitude to the table.

The D stands for Dependable. Being dependable is very important in whatever aspect of life you are referring to. You want your spouse, kids, or coworkers to know that you are there for them no matter what. When times are tough and obstacles get in the way they know you are dependable and can get the job done. I suggest surrounding yourself with like-minded people who have proven themselves to be dependable. It will cause you less stress and it will help you grow as a person and in your business. Having people on your team that are dependable is a must in my book. 

The Y stands for Yours. I know whenever I have something of my own I treat it a lot better. Think of the last time you drove around a rental car and how you treated it? I know whenever I get my hands on one I do a few things.  1. I first see how fast the car goes. 2. How quick it turns. 3. How hard I can slam the brakes. These are all things I would never do with my “own” car. What we have to do as people are treating everything likes it your own. I could not remember a time that I have ever littered and I always discourage friends in doing so. Why, because I feel that the earth is mine and I treat it like so. It is important for our employees to treat our properties and our business like their own. They will take ownership and no doubt do a better job. Instill a sense of ownership in your managers and you will get rewarded positively.

Now ask yourself in your life are you always “READY”. Not only look at yourself but also look at others that you surround yourself with. Are your friends always READY?  If not could you help them be so? If they are not willing to change I would suggest finding new friends.  It has always been said that you are only as good and as rich as the people you hang out with. I am always sure to surround myself with READY individuals because I know that will make me a better person and my bank account grow larger. I appreciate your time reading this article and I challenge you to always be READY!