How To Go With The Seasonal Flow

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Make life easier by taking cues from Mother Nature and going with the seasonal flow.  Greater harmony guaranteed.

Autumn has turned into winter,Guest Posting the beautiful coloured leaves are on the ground and I am reminded of lessons we can learn from Mother Nature.  There is a natural flow to life, which includes the changing of the seasons and optimal times for doing things.  We would find life to be richer, more fulfilling and easier of we were to go with the seasonal flow than against it.  The seasons also have corresponding directions of East, West, South and North that we could further work with to deepen our connection to the divine current.  "But how do I go with the seasonal flow?" I hear you ask.  Keep reading to find out.


The stark grandeur of winter where the trees are bare and the weather's cold.  It looks as though nothing is happening but there is a lot going on beneath the surface in wait for the warmth of spring.  There's not much food around so the animals are in hibernation conserving energy.  Even the trees appear to be asleep.

Winter corresponds with the direction of North.  A cold direction, not great for growing things but good for peace and quiet.

Winter is a time for rest and recuperation, preparation for the spring and although it's not practical, even us humans want to hibernate.  Use this time for restoration; reconnect and reflect on the year so far and think about how you can be ready for the year ahead.

Practical tips

  • Meditate and sort out your "roots" by grounding yourself.  They say the quality of your fruit depends on the quality of your roots.
  • Eat wholesome and warming foods like soup and stews made from winter vegetables and incorporate spices like chilli, nutmeg and ginger into your diet
  • Get plenty of rest when you can and don't be too hard on yourself for feeling a bit lazy.  Work with the healthy and natural urge to hibernate.
  • Get out when you can, especially on those bright and crisp days and absorb those vitamin D filled sunrays. 
  • Be ready for the new hope spring brings by considering changes to your thinking and behaviour patterns.


Spring is a time for emergence, promise and hope.  New buds appear, new leaves on the trees, newborn animals and new life in general.  All the silent work of winter is awakened by the warmth of spring which requires nurturing to encourage good growth.  As growth is in it's infancy, use this time to monitor development and tweak where necessary. 

Spring corresponds with the Eastern direction.  This is a direction that is great for alertness, making things happen and starting new projects with precision.

Following the cold darkness of winter, spring is a time for possibilities and aspirations run high.  New beginnings are possible with the added bonus of brightness and enthusiasm to see things through. 

Practical tips

  • Revise your plans and inject them with the optimism of spring
  • Energise your body with gentle exercise and lighter foods than in winter
  • Since you do not need as much sleep as in winter, take advantage of the lighter mornings and rise earlier.
  • Rise each morning with a sun salutation (yoga routine) facing East.


Flowers are in full bloom, colours are plenty and varied and an abundance of creatures, great and small, appear.  Animals frolic and fun is in the air.  The sun is at full force, constantly charging everything with radiant energy.  The hope injected during spring is rolling now and everything looks and feels better in the sun.  The days are longer and the nights shorter and you are energised and ready for anything.

Summer corresponds with the direction of South.  This southern direction is good for passion, excitement, drama, socialising, expressing yourself and spontaneity.  In short it is a time for playing big. 

This is a great time for doing everything outside, socialise outside, eat outside, and exercise outside.  Take full advantage of the energising power of the sun and really take it in, store it up to take into the darker months ahead.

Practical Tips

  • Get outside and stay outside
  • Have barbeques
  • Eat salads, fresh fruit and drink plenty of hydrating fluids
  • Take advantage of the increased energy and have fun in all you do
  • As you don't sleep as much, make sure you enjoy lazy days too


A bountiful time of year in nature, a time of fruition.  Farmers harvest their fully-grown crops and store them for the winter.  This beautiful season starts with the tail end of summer and ends with the beginning of winter.  Over the course of this season, the colours in the trees become regal and deeper.  Yellows become gold, reds become maroon and oranges become copper.  Animals scurry around with much work to do in preparation for hibernation. 

Autumn corresponds with the Western direction.  The West is a good direction for completion of projects, romance, playfulness and contentment.  It is linked to wealth, style and new relationships too. 

Autumn is a great time for reaping what you sowed in spring so you may need to bring loose ends to a conclusion and complete tasks.  It is also a good time to declutter, cleanse and tidy in preparation for the restful winter.

Practical tips

  • Take stock, what are you reaping?  What can you learn from this?
  • Complete any unfinished tasks and free up some energy
  • Declutter, declutter and declutter some more
  • Simplify your life in preparation for the winter recuperation period. 

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