How to make boots slip-resistant?

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If your boots are slippery, you need to make them slip-resistant to save yourself from slipping on the floor. I am going to share all the effective methods that you can use to make your boots slip-resistant. Read this article to find those methods.

Slippery boots are the big problem; that's why you need to make boots slip-resistant. You can fall on the floor and make yourself injured if you are wearing slippery boots. Even if you don't fall,Guest Posting you still become so uncomfortable while maintaining a balance on the slippery floor. Slip-resistant boots can solve a really big problem. If you wear slip-resistant boots, you can not only save yourself from slipping on the floor, but also you don't have to make an additional effort while maintaining a good balance on the floor.

If you own a pair of slippery boots, then you don't need to worry anymore, as you don't have to buy new boots. I'll tell you some tricks which can make your boots slip-resistant. Just follow these guidelines.

Traction spray

It is a really good solution. Traction spray can provide a solid grip to the boots. You just have to spray it on the bottom part of the outsoles, and your boots will become slip-resistant.

Spray hairspray

If you don't have traction spray at home or you don't want to spend money on buying it, then you can use hairspray as well. Hairspray is a commonly used product by men, so I believe you must have it in your home. Just spray on the bottom part of the outsoles, your boots will become slip-resistant. Hairspray doesn't last forever, so you have to keep spraying your boots after few weeks. Just keep a check. Once you feel your boots have become slippery again, spray again.

Resole your boots

This method is not easy, as this method takes time, and also, you need to follow proper guidelines to resole boots. The plus point of this method is, it is a permanent method that you have to follow only once, unlike other methods, which you have to reapply after few weeks. The drawback is, you need little expertise and money to use this method.

Instead of buying new boots, just buy new slip-resistant soles and replace them with slippery soles. You can get any good sole from the market, which you feel is good enough. As I said, you need proper guidance, and you have to follow proper guidelines to use this method. Here is one good method to resole boots, which I believe is easy and good enough. Just follow the step-by-step guidelines, and you will easily replace the soles. If you have any hesitation in following this method, then just leave it and follow any of the other methods that I have described.

Draw pattern on the boots' soles

You can make traction with a knife or blade. Just draw a pattern on the bottom part of the soles. This pattern will provide grip to the soles and allow water to pass through them easily. That's how boots will become slip-resistant.

Rub the soles

Smooth soles are slippery, so you can make them rough. Rough soles are slip-resistant. Start rubbing the bottom part of the soles with sandpaper or any rough surface. It will add traction to the boots, and after that, you can wear them and walk on smooth surfaces without slipping.

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