How to kick start your metabolism and lose weight?

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If you want to lose unnecessary weight then follow these tips. These few changes in your life can bring a good change in your body.

If you want to kick start your metabolism and lose some weight,Guest Posting then some tips can help you boost your metabolism and lose some weight. I know losing weight is not an easy task, but few changes in your life can bring a big change in your body weight. Follow the following tips to get the desired results.

Prefer to drink cold water over the sugary beverages

Avoid drinking sugary beverages, as they contain a lot of calories. If you replace them with just water, then you can prevent a lot of calorie intake. In this way, the chances of losing weight are greater. It is found in various studies people who drink about half a liter of water increase their resting metabolism for 1 hour by 10-30%.

The additional benefit of drinking cold water is the calorie-burning effect. Our body uses energy to heat up the body temperature, so we can increase the calorie-burning effect upon drinking cold water.

Make a habit of high-intensity interval training (HIIT)

This training is considered to be the best exercise for burning fat and boosting your metabolism. So prefer doing HIIT if you want to burn fat quickly and make your metabolic rate higher. This exercise also keeps your heart rate up.

Do heavy lifting

You should know that our muscles are more metabolically agile than our fat. By doing the heavy lifting, you'll build up your muscles, which also speeds up your metabolism. You'll lose lots of calories, and this lifting will help retain the muscles and fight the decrease in metabolic rate.

Eat lots of proteins in every meal

Whenever you eat food, you boost up metabolism for a few hours. This process is also known as the thermic effect of food, which occurs with the extra calories that are necessary to absorb and digest the food and its nutrients. Proteins play a vital role in the increase in the thermic effect of food. It is observed that proteins can increase the metabolic rate of 15-30% more than fats and carbs, which increases 0-3% and 5-10%, respectively. It is found in a study that people who eat food made with 30% protein eat almost 441 fewer calories in a day. If you are eating more proteins in a day, you have fewer chances of dropping your metabolism.

Drink Green tea or detox tea

Drinking green teas or herbal detox teas can also help in weight loss by boosting up the metabolism. These teas are also beneficial in converting the fat stored in your body into free fatty acids, which may help burn the body's fat. These kinds of teas contain a meager amount of calories, which are also good for weight management. However, the effect on metabolic rate is low with these teas, but it still helps a little bit.

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