How to Set Goals and Objectives You Can Achieve

Nov 13


TJ Philpott

TJ Philpott

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Setting goals and objectives is somewhat meaningless unless you possess the ambition amongst others things to accomplish them.
Many people do not put enough serious consideration into the goal planning process thereby setting them up for failure.
Read more to discover the 5 elements your goals must absolutely have in order for you to successfully reach them.


Setting goals and objectives is one thing but achieving them is an entirely different animal altogether! Many approach their goal planning more like it is a wish list giving little thought to whether they can realistically reach them. Learning how to be successful at achieving goals requires that serious thought be given to what it will actually take to accomplish them. You then need to determine if you have the ambition,How to Set Goals and Objectives You Can Achieve Articles skills and resources to reach the objectives you have set for yourself.

There is no sense establishing goals for yourself that you either can't achieve or won't pursue.

Here is a look at the 5 elements your goals must have in order for you to accomplish them.


If you are not able to clearly identify what your goals are how can you reach them? This is very important since every aspect of your goal planning is dependent upon knowing EXACTLY what your target is.

If you do not know what your target is how can you hit it?


Measurable goals make it possible for you to track your own progress. The ability to monitor what has already been accomplished allows us to better focus our efforts on those uncompleted tasks. Measurable goals also allow you to use your own progress as a source of encouragement or motivation to continue moving forward.


Objectives you are setting out to accomplish must be within the realm of your available resources and skill set. A careful and honest assessment of your own abilities and characteristics is required here so as to not set you up for disappointment and failure.

A self evaluation of your own character traits regarding resolve and focus is also needed here. This is a very important part of the planning process since these assets are going to be needed in order for you to successfully reach your objectives!

Time Table

You need to be able to calculate the amount of time it will take to accomplish each task as a means of evaluating the efficiency of your own efforts. If you are spending too much time on a particular task you are either unfocused or doing something wrong. These inefficiencies need to be identified early so that the necessary corrective actions can be taken.


How passionate are you about achieving the objectives you are setting for yourself? Are these objectives something you REALLY want to reach or are you simply going through the motions? The ambition that comes with this passion will be needed so that you can use it for the motivation that will be required.

Another resource of the ambition you need to have is resolve. You will likely encounter certain frustrations and possibly setbacks that your resolve or determination will help you overcome.

Establishing goals and objectives is more a process then it is a one time short term event. Understanding how to be successful at achieving goals comes with the realization that your goal planning should not be taken lightly. Determining whether the objectives you have set match up well with the ambition, skills and resources you possess is of the utmost importance. By insuring that your goals contain all of the 5 elements we spoke of above you can feel more confident and self assured that you will in fact successfully accomplish them.

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