Improve Your Memory with a Game or an Activity

Jul 14


Paul Rod

Paul Rod

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Games like scrabble and the like are typically played by people regularly in order to enhance and maintain the efficiency of their brains. Whereas board games are very effective, there are other activities that can generate the same amount of brain activity and can also be integrated within your daily activities. This article will primarily focus on shedding light upon the activities as well as games that can improve your memory.


A good way to start off with improving your brain power is by doing creative things every day. Imagine your brain as a muscle that has to be exercised regularly. So if you wish to give your brain a healthy work out,Improve Your Memory with a Game or an Activity  Articles try downloadable memory games or other such activities. Most people love to watch dramas and other similar shows on television. One of the ways of utilizing TV time is to participate in game shows. Another way is to make use of the commercials. Try and ingest as many details as you can of the commercials that you see the most on TV. Try to guess which commercial will come up when there is a break in between the show. On the other hand, some people love reading newspapers. Most people love doing the puzzles in newspapers which is a sound way to exercise your mind. You should also read as much as you can. Try reading aloud and you'll realize that it enables you to remember details more easily. Also, there are numerous things at work that can be utilized to give your brain a work out. While at work, at the beginning of each day, give everybody a color. Before going home, your goal is to check whether you recollect any of the colors that you assigned to each person. This way you can test your memory while at work and then when on your way back. Also, try to figure out a new way to get back home frequently. Then, the next day, try to recollect the streets or the basic route that you went on the previous day.

Development memory can be boosted by trying to involve yourself in new games. For example, involve yourself in learning a new language. Similarly, learning to play a new musical instrument leads to much the same results. Composing poems or writing articles is also a excellent way to exercise your brain muscle. On the other hand, creating a model plane or a car is another good idea. Constructing a model plane allows you to practice concentration skills. Enhancing one's memory also involves trying to pay more attention to what goes on around you. You have to minimize distraction which can be one of the major reasons why people forget things. Your brain concentrates much harder when it is involved in the activities listed previously.

You should try and work on your memory all the time. You can easily play these memory games any where you like. While at a restaurant, give some of the people around you a specific name. After you've finished eating, look around and figure out the number of names that you can remember. Try out these games when you're waiting at the doctor's office or standing in a line somewhere.

Take a look at some of the most common downloadable games below below.


Scrabble is excellent for improving your memory. You can't win if you don't have a proficient memory. Letters such as z or x have higher points and you have a better chance of winning if you retrieve words which can be made from them. Hence, memory retention can be increased by playing scrabble regularly. These words can easily be remembered by placing them side by side related places, feelings and people. Consequently, upon feeling a particular emotion or looking at a place, you will remember such a word.


You can also play Pexeso to improve your memory. The game involves employing cards/tiles in addition to pictures as well as numbers. Basically, you have to place each tile or card upside down and then lift them one by one. The person who matches every similar card wins.

If you wish to actually increase your memory, you should play this games as well as adopting other exercises for memory within your daily regime. If you want to make real changes in regards to your memory then you're going to have to make a lot of effort. Other tricks including visualization as well as association are also necessary.

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