Strength Of Intent Determines Attracting Power

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In using the law of attraction to manifest our desire, it is the strength of intent that determines our attracting power. Some of us make the mistake of having weak intention when intending with detachment. When we detach, it means we let go of the outcome so that we do not freeze the process of manifestation but allow it to happen freely. But we are still strongly intent on a particular outcome to happen...

In using the law of attraction to manifest our desire,Guest Posting it is the strength of intent that determines our attracting power. Some of us make the mistake of having weak intention when intending with detachment. When we detach, it means we let go of the outcome so that we do not freeze the process of manifestation but allow it to happen freely. But we are still strongly intent on a particular outcome to happen. This combination of concentrated and relaxed attitude allows our desire to manifest powerfully and freely.

In business and relationship or any situation that involves the co-intentions of two or more parties, the strength of intent determines the attracting power of each individual. One is the seller or giver and the other is the buyer or receiver. When the seller simply hopes that someone will come along and buy, he sends out a weak thought form and weak vibration. There may be potential buyers with equally weak buying thought form and it is unlikely that both parties will be powerful enough to attract each other.

However, there might be a person who have a strong intent about what they want, are consciously making use of the law of attraction, and strongly believe in the outcome of finding and buying their ideal choice. The strong vibrations of the buyer, may be strong enough to reach out and be attracted to the weak vibrations of the seller, and they will soon be in communication with the seller and enter into negotiations, the outcome of which favors the buyer, because the seller has no other interested parties.

When the seller strongly intends that people will buy what he has to offer, then he will attract many weak vibration buyers and have the upper hand in the negotiations. If both buyer and seller project strong thought form vibrations, then they would both attract a wide variety of choices and buyers respectively and thereby ensuring the best possible deal. All of this activity takes place in the Universal Mind, which is also the collective subconscious minds, with each participant as the focal point of attraction.

It is most beneficial for everyone to intend strongly in whatever they want since the outcome is in favor of those with thought forms of the most powerful vibrations. A business owner with a strong intention for sales will attract a wide range of buyers who are both strongly and weakly seeking to purchase the goods and services of the type on offer. The vibrations of his thought form are powerful enough to reach even the weak thought forms of buyers who are only vaguely interested, thereby pulling them.

When the business owner does not have a strong vibrating thought form, the potential buyers with weaker thought forms that are actually in harmony with those particular goods or services will not be attracted, and their weak thought forms would continue to drift around in the Universal Mind seeking the minds of sellers with thought forms of sufficient strength to attract and pull them in. That is why the best products are not always the best selling because there is weak magnetism on part of the person selling.

As a person succeeds in business, their confidence and faith in this process grows, their thought forms become more powerful, thereby attracting increasingly more customers, overcoming increasingly more weak buying thought forms of potential customers. This is why successful business often go from strength to strength and those with owners who have no faith in their own success do not survive very long, even though they sell the same goods in the same location as the successful business owner.

This is also why successful business people seem to create even more businesses that become instantly successful whether they consciously use the law of attraction or not. Such business people have an unshakable confidence, knowing and faith that whatever they turn their mind to will instantly succeed. The powerful thought form and its success vibration operating in the sphere of the collective subconscious mind therefore ensures success. You cause everything you do to be a success with intention.

When the seller has no confidence in the success of his business, and merely hopes that customers will turn up to buy something, then the vibrations of the resulting thought form of this person would only attract buyers with a very powerful thought form for buying those particular goods or services from that particular seller. You limit your range of success and achievement when you intend to attract only those who truly want to buy what you sell. Most people do not even know what they should buy.

Having a strong intent also causes actions that produce a strong effect. Marketing and persuasion are actions involved in selling. When you have a strong intent to make lots of sales, your subconscious mind will guide you to market and persuade in such a way as to create the strongest buying effect. Therefore strong intent creates the strong attracting power on the level of direct psychic connection as well as the level of pure physical action. Combine mental power and physical action for the best results.

It is important to follow your intuition to support your quality of attraction. Your subconscious mind will always guide to take action to produce results that matches your level of intention. When you act in a way that feels best for producing your intended outcome, you will do the best actions that create the strongest attracting power. When you follow your intuition, it will also reinforce those good feelings which will perpetuate the strength of your vibration naturally. Intuition is the mirror partner of your intention.

Realize that is not enough to only allow yourself to be guided as to what to intend. You also need to put yourself wholly into the intention. Spirit requires your participation. Commit yourself and the universe commits with you. Be fully intentional and then after the act is done, detach to allow the manifestation process to take place unhindered. It is this combination of flowing and willing that activates the above and below forces most fully. Having strength of intent enables you to co-create with the divine powerfully.

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