Surrender and Allow for Miracles to Happen

Sep 20


Jin Dhaliwal

Jin Dhaliwal

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There is a wonderful thing that happens when a person gets to a point in their life where the realization dawns, that all that they have tried only continues to perpetuate the struggle of everyday living. When this point is reached many have gone down to their knees and surrendered, praying to a force greater than them to intervene. Do we really have to reach this point of despair?


The scriptures tell us that in surrendering,Surrender and Allow for Miracles to Happen Articles we allow for Grace to flow into our lives. The act of surrendering allows for the hand of God to arrange our affairs. Such a simple prescription for all that troubles us. Yet most will wait till they have descended into the pit of despair before coming to the point of surrender.

What does it mean to surrender? How do you surrender?

In surrendering, you are releasing the perceived burdens that you carry to the Divine within. When you surrender you are allowing for the Divine within you to influence your thoughts, your feelings and your impulses. When you surrender you are also trusting in The Divine within you to look after you.  As you release your burdens to the Divine within, you will begin to experience the lightness of being and joy will begin to flow again. It is a very simple act and very simple to do, an act that has profound effects on every facet of your life.

How do you surrender?  Florence Scovel Shinn in her book, "The Game of Life", recommends the following words, "I cast this burden to the Christ within, and I go free."  These words can be adapted to words that resonate for you. I like saying, "I surrender this feeling/thought/belief/conditioning (inserting whatever is being experienced in that moment) to the Divine within me, and I walk free in profound Grace." Let's say you are experiencing the fear of not having enough money, then you could say, "I surrender this fear of lack to the Divine within me and I go free in profound Grace into abundance."

I experience such lightness each time I surrender. The more I surrender the easier it becomes to surrender and the greater the feeling of Grace. I am feeling more at peace, more loving, my faith is stronger and I am inspired. Insights and ideas are flowing into my awareness effortlessly. Each day brings a greater feeling of the Divine within.

This whole process is not one that the rational mind may understand. It is one that you do coming from your heart, with all sincerity. As you begin this process of surrendering you will find all sorts of feelings, thoughts and memories surfacing over the days and weeks. They surface so you may surrender them. As you are consistent with surrendering, you are releasing all the stagnant energy in and around your field of energy. You will then begin to experience a lightness of being and a sense of joy in your whole being.

All this release begins to occur without the rational mind having to process anything. This process occurs because you have willingly surrendered with all sincerity, trusting in the Divine. You may read this article and think that you already know all this. There is a great difference in knowing something intellectually and knowing something through experience. To know the information and the results of surrendering will bring you little gain, will have little effect in bringing back the joy and lightness into your life. When you begin to know this information through the act of surrendering you will give yourself the ultimate gift of Grace flowing into every aspect of your life and you will begin to experience the Divine within you in a whole new way. You will begin to experience the kingdom of heaven within you.

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