Survive at All Costs ... The Physical Realm's Prime Directive.

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We all ... wonder why some people behave like ... We even wonder where our own rages and wild feelings of chaos ... Although we might find them unusual as they can conflict with ou

We all sometimes wonder why some people behave like "animals". We even wonder where our own rages and wild feelings of chaos originate. Although we might find them unusual as they can conflict with our values,Guest Posting indeed, animalistic behavior is as much a part of us as our skin. While the skin is there to protect our inner organs and vessels, the animalistic behavior is there to protect the existence of the physical being---an outer skin of sorts.

The physical realm of our being only has one objective: survival. In its rawest form, the body must remain intact and it will do so at any risk to its surroundings. Beat up the neighbor. Get food. Kick the dog. Procreate. Survive at all costs! It is never satisfied with anything. When the half-full glass is filled, it wants a bigger glass.

Perhaps the Universe realized that it erred up by putting out an organism that would go so far as to kill and destroy just to get food. Imagine what would happen at fast food joints at lunch time! So, to balance the strength and instincts of the physical, the Universe developed the creative intellect of the soul. The souler being is easily satisfied and is bent on happiness, living, and enjoying. Or, was this blatant survival mode of the physical creation intended to behave as such to protectively house its souler component? Which one came first?

I know this sounds like the old "chicken and the egg", but indeed, it is a valid question to ponder. However, consider the variations to the ideas of the physical and souler interaction and existence. If indeed the body came first, then the soul is instantiated simply to control the instincts of the physical. But, if the soul came first, then each body is created solely for an individual soul to live, grow, and learn in this physical Universe. What a wonderful combination! A calm, cool, and collected soul to manage an out of control physical host. This means that the two are together for a reason, but are separate.

In today's world, by applying some of these thoughts, indeed, it seems that we tend to focus more on the physical because the thirst for physical fulfillment is unquenchable. However, while obtaining satisfaction for the soul is actually simple, we've been taught that "never the two shall meet" as our society readily concedes to the physical and rarely accepts the virtual, conceptual, non-physical realm of the souler.

Is it beneficial to roam the world just surviving or do we want to live? To survive implies that a challenge exists in which we must survive. This is where the physical thrives---finding solutions that inhibit survival. If it is not fighting for survival, in its rawest form, it will find an issue to initiate the survival mode. We search. We hunger. We strive. We fight for everything that can fulfill the need to survive in the physical realm. In the end, out of the massive struggles to survive, we've learned nothing and have nothing except for the twisted feelings that we harbor and turn unto fears and new unhealthy components for our belief systems.

However, to live by the souler implies a challenge-free life of free will---or does it? In the physical realm, we can only open doors we can touch. In the souler, we can examine possibilities and open doors that we never thought physically possible. This is because we're delving into a non-physical realm in which we must evaluate, create, and establish our futures. Managing creative intellect and turning it into a physical reality can require effort, but it is much more rewarding in the end.

Realize that there are two "yous". There is your physical and your souler. The physical operates in black and white. The souler, in the full range of the spectrum. By allowing the souler to come to the surface, we allow the creative intellect of the Universe to rule as opposed to blatant survival instincts of the individual physical being. It takes effort as well, but the work is fulfilling because we satisfy the souler as well as the physical realms. Consider it as a hierarchy of control within your being. Satisfying the souler satisfies us as a whole and calms "the savage beast".

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