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Do you find yourself caught in negative thinking? Do you get frustrated that you cannot create the life you feel you deserve and have dreamed of living? Do you know that your thoughts determine your actions? Do you understand that your actions determine what you achieve in life? Do you want a simple efective, proven technique to change your thinking, your actions and your life? Then read on!

Throughout your day you think an average of 50,000 thoughts. In what direction are yours going? Have you become a habituated negative thinker? Do your thoughts generate negative,Guest Posting uncomfortable emotions? Your thinking affects your feelings. You feelings affect your actions. Your actions affect your life. To change your life you must only change your thinking and it's easier than you think!

There is a very important rule that governs your life which you must understand if you wish to create more of what you want. It is an unbreakable rule that never fails. When you examine your life closely enough you see numerous examples that show that this rule exists. Look at the people you interact with, the situations you continually find yourself in and the circumstances and environment that surround you. this is a very simple rule to explain and understand but many times it is very difficult to use this knowledge consciously to your advantage. The rule is: You get more of what you focus on in life.

All of your actions first start as thoughts. Although it is how you feel about things which determines how you act and react in certain situations and around other people, your emotions only exist because they are generated by your thinking. So in order to change the results you are getting in life it is imperative that you first change your thinking.

Do you find yourself caught in a downward spiral of negative thinking and negative living?

Your reality is truly created by your predominant habituated thinking. As your results in life are just a mirror of your thoughts, you have the power to change your life because you have the power to change your thinking.

If it is really true that we get more of what we focus on in life then shouldnt you be more interested in what you are thinking about all day? A huge problem for most people is the idea of focusing and how to actually use it correctly. Many people falsely believe they are focusing on what they want when they state that they want more money, or want a better relationship or want to lose weight because they are overweight, in a bad relationship and broke etc. Because they have the desire to better their situation they falsely believe they are focusing on what they want. However, when you think about how bad a situation is in the present or think about not having something you are actually focused on the negative aspects of it and the lack of it and you are therefore creating more of that for yourself in the future. You are, in fact, focusing on what you do not want and therefore drawing more of that into your life.

The first thing to become aware of is that most of these thoughts are unconscious and act as self induced subliminal messages. They are affirmations you are giving to yourself thousands of times a day. You are only unaware of them because they have become habitual. When you begin to analyse your own thinking you will be surprised at the amount of negative thoughts you continually think throughout your day.

The majority of ordinary people find it very difficult to completely change a negative thought to a positive one using conscious effort alone. Therefore, there are several techniques and tools that have been developed to make this process much easier. I have personally witnessed the amazing power of subliminal messages to create new thinking patterns and also use some other neat techniques one of which I will now share with you. Do not underestimate the power and effectiveness of doing this. It can and will change your thoughts and thus your emotions which will lead to different actions which in turn will change your life!

One of the most powerful methods to change negative thinking into its positive opposite involves the use of questions. A few examples of negative thoughts you may have are as follows: Im sick of being in bad relationships, My spouse doesnt understand me, Why cant I find a decent partner?, I wish I was in a loving relationship.

Now all of the above negative statements are ensuring you get more of what they represent. You are focusing on what you do not want.

So once you identify that you have been thinking in this way begin to turn it around by asking positive questions about the situation. Look at the examples below.

If you think Im sick of being in bad relationships, you would ask yourself, What do I need to do to improve my relationships?

When you think My spouse doesnt understand me, ask yourself, How can I better express myself to my partner?

After you think I wish I was in a loving relationship, ask yourself, What do I need to do to create a loving relationship in my life and find my perfect partner?

By asking empowering questions you force your mind in a new direction. For example by asking why all your relationships are bad you are asking your subconscious mind to answer that question. Therefore, before you know it you are thinking of all the reasons why your relationships are bad. However, by asking yourself what you need to do to create better relationships your subconscious mind begins searching for ways to make that happen and returns thoughts to you that are in harmony with that goal. Your thinking becomes more positive and your path gets clearer.

Using this approach to change your thinking will produce tremendous results in your life. If you use it in conjunction with a proven tool, such as subliminal message programming, you will quickly change your predominant thoughts, your actions and reactions and thus your life!

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