Top 3 Myths On Memory Improvement

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Improving your memory is a skill and involves a process. Nothing is sadder than not being able to take action by believing in certain myths about memory. Blast these myths as soon as possible!

Improving your memory is a skill and involves a process. Before you initiate this process,Guest Posting it is important to get some facts right about your brain. Nothing is sadder than not being able to take action by believing in certain myths about memory. How do you come out if this?There are several myths about memory improvement. Here, I have given information on the top 3 myths. I know these are the "most popular myths", because, the most frequently asked questions people ask me in my training programmes necessarily involve these issues.


Consuming memory pills and tonics is the easiest way to improve your memory.


Most pills and tonics are effective, but in a very very limited way. These pills are definitely good for the well being of your brain. These pills help you have a "healthy brain".

Please understand that healthy brain does not necessarily mean sharper brain. And if your brain is healthy, there is no guarantee that you will have a great memory.

I will give you a good analogy to explain this concept. You can take some medicines/pills etc to have healthy and strong hands. Does that mean you will be able to play a piano? If you want to play a piano, you need to train your hands to be able to do that. This requires effort and patience. Just having healthy hands will not suffice.

Similarly just having a "healthy brain" will not suffice to have a great memory, though it definitely helps. If you want to have a great memory, you need to train your brain for that. The easiest way to improve you memory is to use memory improvement techniques. These techniques give a really good workout to your brain and build your "memory muscles".


If I cross the age of 40, it is certain that my memory power will deteriorate.


Age is never a deterrent to learn any skill. And memorising is a skill. At any age, anyone can learn any skill. The only thing which is required is the "willingness to try'.

Have you not heard of people who went to ballroom dancing classes at the age of 50? And you must be seeing several 60 yr old people jogging on the streets every morning.

Now, these people chose the option to learn new skills. If a person can choose to be physically fit the age of 60, there is nothing that can stop him to be mentally fit. The most important word here is "ACTION". If you are willing to put in action, you can improve your memory irrespective of your age.


By using more of my memory, I am doing a disservice to myself, as I am using up the precious space in my brain.


This is probably the "biggest" myth. You brain has the storage capacity of more than a million computers. You can never use up the entire capacity of the brain in your entire life. It is just impossible. What you must know, here, is an amazing secret of your brain:

"The more you remember, the more you can remember"That's right. The more exercise you give to your brain, the sharper it becomes. You learn new information by "hooking" it to the existing information in your brain. So, the more you learn, the more hooks you create in your brain. The more "hooks" you have in your brain, the more information you can "hang" on to your brain.

Now that you are aware of these myths, from now onwards, make sure that these myths do not stop you in your quest of memory improvement.

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