Home Computer Security - Think You are Safe?

Oct 1


Wilf Staton

Wilf Staton

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Well here we are discussing home computer security. Most don't think about it much others it's at the back of your mind "when is it going to happen to me". What do you expect to happen? Yes you hear about hackers, viruses, malware, spyware, keyloggers, identity theft and a host of other nefarious things. Heck, why do we go onto the Internet at all? Our whole life can be at risk.

You think you're safe don't you? Got all those cool antivirus,Home Computer Security - Think You are Safe? Articles spyware, firewalls etc. installed.But are you really? Is your information really safe? Go on, type in your credit card number to buy that beaut! do-dah you are eyeing.Watch it! Some of those hackers are good, really good, they just haven't found you yet. They will, eventually.So what aren't you doing that will make it harder for hackers to grab your stuff.Are you applying home computer security best practices? Are you not typing anything personal into your computer? Are not, keeping your personal information on your computer. I'm not and neither should you.Are you the type of person who writes your pin number on a bit of paper and keep it in your wallet. (Just in case I forget it you say) and then your wallet gets stolen. (With your credit card of course)But, you say, I need to use my information on the net to do all those wonderful things (Like buy something) you can do on it these days.So how can we stop those people who are out to get you getting your information and at the same time allow you to use it on the net?Do what I do keep it on a memory stick but not just any memory stick but a password manager that encrypts all your passwords and information.Most password managers only allow you to copy and paste information and then delete it from the clipboard making it unavailable to hackers. Also having it on a memory stick means you need only plug it in when you want to access a password. I only use it for sensitive passwords and information.