How Remote Monitored cameras will give you peace of mind

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Auckland is facing sharply rising crime rates - 20% per year. Don't let yourself become a statistic, take measures to protect yourself, your home and your family, your business and your people. This is where modern CCTV cameras with remote monitoring functionality come into play to make sure your property is safeguarded.

Its no secret that crime is on the rise in Auckland,Guest Posting and even New Zealand as a whole. A quick search for “Ram raids” will give you handfuls of recent news[1]. And with crime statistics showing an over 20% rise[2] from last year in Auckland, its not just businesses that are suffering. Property owners from residential to commercial are worried all round, and security cameras may be the answer.

What is Remote Monitoring?

This concept is very straightforward. Remote Monitoring is the ability to view and manage CCTV without being physically at the location. As long as there is an internet connection you can monitor your cameras from anywhere in the world. This article explores the benefits of remote monitoring – how it decreases your exposure to burglaries/robberies.

Round the clock surveillance

Traditional camera systems needed a dedicated security guard. Someone on site in the control room watching all the camera feeds. Remote monitoring removes this physical presence need, now it can be done from afar. You can either watch your property yourself or contract a security monitoring centre.

Many businesses would not have had the budget for a 24/7 security guard sitting in their control room, but remote monitoring ability solves this problem. Security cameras allow property owners to watch their property in real time or go through footage later to detect any suspicious behaviour or criminal activity.

Intruder Deterrent

CCTV camera’s primary method of fighting crime has always been that of a visual deterrent. Burglars or intruders are aware they are being monitored and recorded. Security cameras are visible and are clearly seen by anyone approaching the property, and this can be enhanced with “CCTV operating” signs.

How is CCTV a deterrent?

Security camera footage covers the property and the surrounding area. This footage can be used to identify potential criminals, increasing the chance of them being caught and prosecuted.

Additionally to identification, CCTV gathers valuable evidence of the crime taking place. It can be used to prove that damages done were carried out by the intruder. It can prove that the missing items were taken by the intruder. Timestamps can place a suspect at the scene of the crime.

Overall, surveillance cameras are a massive deterrent because they create undeniable evidence of what happened and who did it.

Active crime response

With remote monitoring, security cameras gain the ability to actively fight crime. You can configure your cameras to send you an alert upon motion detection, or an alarm from any alarm sensors you have installed. Verifying the threat in real time is a matter of opening your smartphone or a monitoring officer taking a look at your feeds.

Law enforcement can be called out in seconds, while the crime is still happening. The intruders have a much smaller time window to cause damage, and can even be caught in the act. Some camera systems even include speakers so you can let the intruders know they are spotted, which can make them drop everything and flee.


You can imagine how your own property will benefit from security cameras. Imagine being able to check on your home or business from anywhere in the world within a minute. You achieve instant peace of mind knowing your property is safe and you can respond to threats at any time.

Amid rising crime rates, this is not a luxury – it is a necessity.


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