Human Needs Are Endless

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The endless human needs and Wants can be classified by their degrees of importance or intended functions as Necessities.

As most,Guest Posting if not all politicians aiming to capture the working class votes across the world have encapsulated so many times, Food, Shelter and Clothing are the basic necessities and shall forever remain so. However, with the evolution of Human being as an intelligent and thinking animal, the necessities have expanded beyond this most basic list. Necessities have grown to include Primary education, Basic health care and human dignity in the pursuit or provision of these basic needs. The growth of Human Civilization has been directly proportional to the additions that have been made to the list of Basic necessities and have constituted the background for the uniquely incomprehensible concept called the Generation gap. When necessities are fulfilled in such a way that they also satiate the yearning for pleasure of one or more of our senses, they constitute Comforts. Edible, nutritious food is a fulfillment of necessity called Hunger, while a tasty, sumptuous meal is a gratifying pleasure to the palate. The increasing number of comforts that have been added to the list of Necessities has been instrumental in defining the class divide over the centuries across the globe. Luxuries can be defined as comforts, which not only satiate our senses but also provide a soothing massage to the ego by signifying increased standing among our peers. Though most oriental Philosophies and most world religions emphasize the importance of renunciation, which essentially means never wanting anything more than the basic necessities, the entire growth of Human civilization owes its roots to the constant quest of mankind to make life more comfortable and ultimately, luxurious.

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