Necessities And Luxuries

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The boundaries between necessities and luxuries has greatly blurred for the last few decades due to rapid technological developments.

Necessities can be described as those of our possessing,Guest Posting which are essential for passing our lives or anything indispensable. Comforts include our belongings, which we have produced to make things go on in an easy way; a freedom from financial difficulty that promotes a comfortable state. Luxuries are the things which are affordable by only a certain group of people around us. They are not in the reach of every person. These things add up to our normal living and are a step ahead of comforts or something that is an indulgence rather than a necessity.

The main difference between all these is that one cannot live without one’s necessities. God has created man, rather every living thing in such a way that his creations cannot live without certain things which come under the heading of necessities. Our necessities include a person’s food, dressing, and a home for shelter. These were the three basic necessities of life in the past, about centuries back. If we observe, everything that nature has gifted to man is our necessity, like air, water, fire, soil and even animals which can be used for food.

Now we come to the luxuries. A luxurious item is the one which is neither included in necessities, nor in the comforts. Rather it just makes one feel that one is superior to others, or in other words, it is a part of human nature to feel comfort in over powering others. Luxuries include items like private planes possessed by some rich people, plasma televisions, robots made for the purpose of performing daily routine works of home etc. These are the things, without which one does not feel uncomfortable, or there comes no such feeling in mind that one must have these things in order to make life easier. History indicates that many of the daily routine items in the Victorian times were invented just for the purpose of providing luxury to them. If you are a regular viewer of the ‘Discovery Channel’, you must have seen a few of them in the program ‘Guess the Gadget’, which gives a lot of information about many of such luxurious items of old Victorian time.

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