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It seems that there are actually places where "haters", cowardly anonymous internet bullies, and/or the envious can actually be beneficial. You may need to critically look at how others are perceiving you or how they have been distorting things or lying about you so that you can remedy things.

"You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something,Guest Posting sometime in your life." - Winston ChurchillA friend of mine recently shared something on my Facebook page that I hadn't really considered before regarding nasty criticism:"A few thoughts:Remember that for every hater there are five more supporters. Long live the silent majority!!I've tried to rack my brain and think of a successful person who didn't have detractors. I just could not come up with one.Look at the people who support you. Look at the detractors. Given who both are, would you want them to switch places?Personally, I think that you are doing great work every step of the way, Jake!!"This is from a very smart friend of mine (he happens to be a graduate student in history) and it really got me really thinking about successful people and their detractors. Upon reading his message, I typed the following to find the detractors of some successful people (I am not expressing my like or dislike of these people, the only thing I am emphasizing is that they are all successful):"Hate Rachel Maddow""Hate Glenn Beck""Hate Bill Maher""Hate Michael Savage""Hate Alex Jones""Hate Lady Gaga""Hate Bill O'Reilly""Hate Noam Chomsky""Hate Ron Paul"Despite all their differences, all these people seem to have two things in common:1) Clear success and influence.2) A very thick-skin.For many of them, it may have been their ability to take nasty criticism that lead to their enormous fame and influence. Attributed to the Economist magazine, the following quote is fitting:"There is only one thing more useful in politics than having the right friends, and that is having the right enemies." -Anonymous, Economist 375: 8432 (June 25, 2005), p. 84Another friend, from childhood, and a well respect artist and film-maker, shared this with me with regards to weathering "haters":"two things: first, digest it and see if there is anything to learn from it- sometimes people have legitimate gripes to hate on, so don't let your own ego cloud valid criticism. second,remember that if people are hating on you it means that they are paying attention, so at least you've accomplished that!"It seems that there are actually places where "haters", cowardly anonymous internet bullies, and/or the envious can actually be beneficial. You may need to critically look at how others are perceiving you or how they have been distorting things or lying about you so that you can remedy things.My father's advice was particularly funny. He suggested you thank the "haters" for spending so much time thinking and talking about you since it proves how important you really are to them. The odd thing about most haters and muck-rakers is that they are seldom producers, that is, they seldom produce anything but negativity and hate. One of my favorite comedians, Bill Hicks illustrates a big reason why haters seldom succeed with this little imaginary dialogue:"People who hate people - come together!!""NO!"... We're kinda having trouble getting of the boards, but you know ..."Are you gonna be there?"... See More"Yeah""Then I ain't fuckin' coming""But you're our strongest member!""FUCK YOU!""That's what I'm talking about, you asshole!""Fuck Off!!""Damn, we almost had a meeting going..." - Bill HicksSo it is important to be able to sift through the constructive criticism while having a firm grasp on what you believe is right and wrong. When you choose to be a leader or high profile individual you will invariably receive praise, criticism, and smears."don't take to heart the obviously nasty criticism. There will always be people who lop tall poppies because they feel jealousy or personal frustration at not taking action. Take such nasty critiques in your stride and let it be; simply ignore that type of criticism and get on with what you're doing right. It helps to remember that leaders are the people who act on their ideas whereas many people who criticize with bitterness have had ideas but lacked the will to act." (from http://www.wikihow.com/Cope-With-Criticism-As-a-Leader)My friend and successful MMA competitor and coach Erik Paulson once told me:"You can either be the one talking, or the one taking action and being talked about" - Erik PaulsonBack again to my friend's advice that I began with:"Look at the people who support you. Look at the detractors. Given who both are, would you want them to switch places?"In my case, I would never switch! When I really focus on the high quality of my supporters and their testimonials (in business, as a hypnotist, an author/publisher, and elsewhere), it reminds me who I REALLY am:"JAKE, YOU ARE THE VERY BEST INDIVIDUAL PERSON TO COME ALONG IN THIS GENERATION AND DO WHAT YOU HAVE DONE FOR WRESTLING, I CAN'T FIND WORDS TO EXPRESS MYSELF. MUCH RESPECT" - Billy Wicks, Catch-As-Catch-Can and Pro-Westling legend and retired law enforcement officer."This is a very nice and impressive book, and, as the author of 16 books myself, I know how much work goes into such a project. The book will be placed in our library here at the museum, so that others can have access to it." -Mike Chapman, Executive Director of the International Wrestling Institute and Museum"Honest, Hardworking, Strong Character, Creative, & Energetic." - Mark Schultz, Olympic Gold Medal-winning wrestler, successful UFC competitor, 2x Freestyle Wrestling World Champion, and 3x NCAA Wrestling Champion."Thanks Jake, and I'll try to keep up with whatever project you come out with next! Your credibility is definitely SOLID; You're a stand-up guy." - Donald Pillow"Jake is a big picture kinda guy and a true shaker & mover. He really helped me take Gut Check Fitness to the next level and become the #1 Voted "Boot Camp in San Diego." - Joe Decker,Guinness Book's 'World's Fittest Man'"I saw Jake to help release me more creatively for my songwriting. I have since written 18 songs! Most know me as a complete insomniac also and they other I used one of his methods and it totally worked! Thank you" - Nicole Hansen Christensen"The Sport of Catch Wrestling is a unique combination of historical information, a pictorial of authentic catch wrestling techniques, and a practical workbook. Jake is to be commended for his efforts to both preseve and spread catch-as-catch-can wrestling." - Mark S. Hewitt, author of Catch Wrestling: A Wild and Wooly Look at the Early Days of Pro Wrestling in America"I've seen Jake and it was an amazing experience! Friends told me of their previous experiences and I know Jake so I decided to go see him. If you haven't been, you have to try it even just for the experience. Pretty mind opening and the help with focus and change. Yes, it's the way to go!!!!" - Teresa Wilhelmsen"Jake is Southern California's true master of catch wrestling. Merely shaking hands with this gentleman can bring about an infinity of pain!" - Bob Calhoun, co-author of The Godfather of Grappling and author of BEER, BLOOD & CORNMEAL!"At Indymac, Jake showed great foresight about upcoming market trends and was prescient and vocal about the risks forming in the housing market. Jake has extensive experience with reverse mortgages and has capitalized on his skills to develop a highly respected reverse mortgage consulting group. Jake is results-oriented: he sets goals for himself and achieves them. I highly recommend Jake for positions requiring a strong leader and needing results."Robert Sandhofer, Head Of Model Validation And Market Risk at OneWest Bank"Got your books today - currently going for my Master's and just finished a cognitive development paper on religion and gotta say, I'm pretty damn impressed you have Paul Bloom as a reference in the Certification manual!!! Did not see that coming!! Great stuff, have you set a date yet for the next certification? Take care," - Ali O."I have purchased all of the gracie, saulo riberio, mario sperry, and bas rutten tapes, what I have seen from Scientific Wrestling truly is the best Real grappling instructionals on the net!" - Jason Bray"Your website is a Beacon in the fog out there for Wrestlers/Grapplers &Submission Stylists." - David Tamura"Jake, you are a brilliant phenomenon and an energized revolutionary."Elli Hollands, Fashion model"Now that I have been hypnotized I have never felt so in control and motivated. I have been working out and eating healthier than I ever have. I feel that Jake Shannon has made me think in a different way about what I really want and what I want is to be healthy and look great!" - Crystal Perea"I found Jake Shannon by chance online. He worked out a conditioning program for me that resulted in huge physical gains and a loss of 15 pounds in just an 8 week period. My waist dropped from 35 inches to 33 inches and I have more energy than before!” - Ryan HanlonSo, when confronted with nasty criticism, remember two things first:1) IF they are brave enough to not hide behind fake internet usernames, take a look at the detractor's history. Do they have a long history of offering nothing but negativity, drama, and smearing others? Have they ever produced anything but nasty criticism?2) Remember who you are and whose opinion is REALLY important.For me, I worked very hard to earn my M.Sc. Financial Engineering. I've worked hard to be a respected author. I worked hard to become a cancer survivor. I am proud of the help I've offered people as a hypnotist. I am proud to be the founder of ScientificWrestling.com and inventor of the Macebell. I am proud that my work has been featured in magazines locally, nationally, and internationally. I am proud that I am a frequently a guest on talk radio programs. I am proud that I am taking action to make a difference as the Utah Libertarian Party vice chairman. Most of all, I am proud of being a good husband and father!Always remember first, what are YOU proud that you've produced of value or earned?*Learn more about Jake at http://www.JakeShannon.com/

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