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According to California Institute of Technology’s Dr James Boner world population is increasing at a rapid pace of 25,000,000 per year. Lest it continues increasing thus, in the next century it shall become so high that not more than 1 foot of earth shall be available per person.


When Lord Jesus Christ was born the world population was about 300,Guest Posting000,000. In 1750 it more than doubled to a figure of 750,000,000. In 1850 about 1,100,000,000 people resided on planet earth. In 1900 AD the world population was about 1,600,000,000. In 1920 it was 1,819,000,000 and in 1940 it was 2,246,000,000. In 1961 this number on increasing became 3,069,000,000. This increase refuses to stop. Earth has a maximum capacity of enduring the weight of 16,000,000,000 world humans. Thus if even a few tons of this weight increases, earth shall head towards hell below i.e. Pralaya or world annihilation shall set in.

Lest we do not harbor self control it shall not take much time to world situations turning explosive. The very time taken to write the figure ‘1.9’ in that very time frame 1.9 new children are born. In 1 minute 225 children are born and thus in 1 hour it becomes 225 X 60 = 13,500. As per this calculation in 1 day, an increase of 13,500 X 24 = 334,000 should be noted. Yet the increase shall be much more because at the most in 20 years these children on becoming young men/women shall start siring children. It means this population increase takes place akin to recurring deposit interest given by banks. Previously the average increase per day was 136,186. In 1 hour 5708 and in 1 minute 95 people increased. As per this calculation in 1975-3,828,000,000; in 2000 AD-68,000,000; in 2050 AD 130,000,000; in 2064 AD 160,000,000 children should have been born. Yet today per minute 225 children are born and it is more than double of the average increase seen previously. This means that the explosion that was to be noted a century later lest if it takes place by the end of the 20th century itself, should not astound anyone.

While making clarifications regarding this swift world population increase and its dire results to be faced Illinois University’s Prof Hizbin Fostek writes: In 2060 AD which means after about 50 years later human race shall become extinct because at that hour world population figures shall reach their pinnacle. According to California Institute of Technology’s Dr James Boner world population is augmenting at a rapid pace of 25,000,000 per year. Lest it continues increasing thus then in the next century it shall become so high that not more than 1 foot of earth shall be available per person. It means that in 1 foot area each person shall eat, sleep, pass excreta etc. It is clear that before such a horrific state appears the situation becomes explosive that man shall start eating up man.

London’s renowned medical expert read out a paper in Blackpool’s Health Congress’ Royal Society wherein he said: In the year 2050 AD i.e. within the next 80 years the world shall face a situation akin to Super Destruction or Mahapralaya. At that time today’s world population of 3,000,000,000 shall rise up to 9,000,000,000. In our land India each hour population increases by 1100. Each year number of people increases by 2,000,000. In states like Kerala till 1976 AD the population was 24,347,000. Over here each day 1500 new babies are born.

As per the above statistics given it connotes a world destructive situation manifesting in these very days due to population explosion and it has been further said that never before has all this been witnessed in the annals of world history. What is the reason behind it? Children were born previously too but since in those times enough means were not available to combat Mother Nature, death rate too was high. Due to famines, epidemics and other natural calamities innumerable people died. Since sexual passion was not very intense children produced were limited in number. Widows and widowers led retired lives. But today the moment children turn 16 years of age their brains desire to taste conjugal bliss. Movies, books, photos etc that incite sexual lust are proliferating manifold. When people gossip they discuss very lewd topics that they have heard, read or seen and this their sexual lust flares up uncontrollably. Under such situations it is natural that more and more babies take birth. At the other end scientific progress has made such an arrangement that the possibility of dying prematurely or getting killed due to nature’s wrath has diminished a fair bit. No doubt illnesses harass us all but their ‘zest’ to kill us has decreased. At the other end due to population explosion new born babies are born in humungous numbers comparable to interest accruing in a recurring deposit scheme in banks. One person produces 3 children, 3 give birth to 9, 9 give birth to 27, 27 give birth to 81 and this increase goes on endlessly.

If one person sires 3 children then in his 7th successive generation 6561 children shall take birth. If this sequence continues further one wonders as to what astronomical figures world population shall reach? There are certain obstructions placed in this sequence of birth rate yet the augmenting is at such a hectic rate that in the near future no open space shall be available for man’s housing, eating, sleeping etc. Water scarcity shall reach its nadir and no land shall be available for education, travel, professions etc. Under such situations naturally since present land available is very scarce newer regions shall have to be set up.

On seeing this hectic unending increase Malthus was worried and he executed a world renowned research study on world’s population. It has gained fame as ‘Malthus Theory’. While highlighting the serious nature of the problem of population explosion Malthus writes: Population increases in a ‘geometrical progression’ manner. It means 1 gives birth to 2, 2 to 4, 4 to 8 and 8 to 16 and so on. As against this, production of food and other goods occurs in an ‘arithmetic progression’ fashion. It means it increases as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc. As per this calculation at first there was 1 person whose requirement was 1 unit of food for healthily nourishing him. In the 3rd year the number of people became 8 but the units of food available for their nourishment was 3 only. Thus for the remaining 5 people food pressure shall be noted and thus by deducting their education, health, clothing, housing, entertainment etc facilities the problem of their nourishment for sustenance shall have to be fulfilled. Thus each year the complexity of the problem intensifies. After 7 years when for devouring food the population shall increase to 128 there food production shall remain at 7 units only. The gist of all this is that 121 people from birth itself shall have to endure the pain of joblessness, food scarcity and illiteracy. This ratio of production shall be witnessed not only in the realm of food but also in clothing, security, self growth etc. Thus these sorts of hazards shall augment in every realm of day to day living. Today in our modern age we can note this deadly form of joblessness, food scarcity, illiteracy and indiscipline.

Possibly based on these statistical data itself Dr R Sen (who was a minister in India’s Food Ministry and in the year 1966 AD he was elected as a Chief of United Nation’s Food and Agricultural Organization) has said: It has been well accepted that on planet earth permanent peace and security shall not get established as long as the problem of hunger and scarcity of various means is not uprooted from their very foundation. In reality not only is human health and happiness in danger of losing its very existence but that the existence of a democratic and independent world society too can lose out in a big way. The next 14 years are very delicate in world human history. Either we make all possible efforts to increase production and simultaneously disallow world population figures to augment at the present hectic pace else if we fail to do so the world shall face such heights of hardships never been noted in the annals of world history.

What we have discussed so far is not akin to the marriage of Sheikh Chili (i.e. it is not wild figment of one’s imagination) but is a bare fact. In reality it is warning us to become alert to prepare ourselves well in advance for any future explosive world situations emerging. Nature’s vault has limited materials for human sustenance. It cannot fill tummies of unlimited humans. Hence it has designed a theory that those species that akin to snakes burnt as crackers start augmenting drastically shall be destroyed. Flies and fish produce highest number of babies. Lest nature were not to destroy them swiftly then today we would have required 100,000,000 planets of the size of our earth for housing them.

In the very 1st half of the 20th century Malthus had warned the world that without any delay this explosive rate of population increase must be stopped else mankind must ready itself to endure terrible nature based tainted reactions. As per geometric progression calculations population increases at the rate of 1 in 1977, 2 in 1978, 4 in 1979 and 8 in 1980. Hence in tandem with this food production is increased by augmenting irrigation, fertilizer usage etc so as to use as much of land for agricultural purposes then this calculation as per arithmetic progression shall be 1 in 1977, 2 in 1978, 3 in 1979 and 4 in 1980. A state shall ensue in future wherein this production comes to a grinding halt. What shall happen at that point in time?

At that time nature’s ‘principle of destruction’ shall usher in. Malthus said: Lest man fails to stop population increase with true farsighted discrimination, then both nature based and self created problems, shall induce total world annihilation. Hence it is best that people live lives of inner and outer self control yet if this is not possible then artificial means like family planning (birth control pills etc) are not such bad solutions. Despite all this if man insists on behaving like an obstinate ass then akin to practicing war based fighting before the war actually is waged he shall have to get ready for total destruction.

Lomboc is an island in Indonesia. In 1966 a famine situation occurred there. Residents there made intense efforts to sustain life by eating skin of plants, grass etc yet in 6 months 10,000 people burning in the fire of intense hunger got killed. This happened even though on earth communication systems were very advanced and that one country could render aid to another quite swiftly. Yet when each and everyone becomes an anguished victim of this problem then none shall help another. In fact as per Malthus Theory at such times people in order to avail 1 kg of corn flour shall not aver even a wee bit on killing 10 other people.

While throwing light on the problem of hunger in the year 1966 UNO’s Secretary General U Thont in his report said that in India each year 200,000 children die only because they fail to get initial facilities of healthy nourishment. If food production is limited in measure and the number of people eating it increases prolifically this state of affairs takes up a ferocious terrible form.

As far as food is concerned merely man does not have a right over it. Dacoits also loot it. These ‘dacoits’ are none other than rats. At the time of population counting in 1966 in India 16,000,000 rats were present. If each rat each year loots even 10 pounds of grain, then 8,000,000,000 quintal grains shall be devoured by rats merely. Thus naturally man’s wrath shall rain on them and start eating wild beasts. By itself since jungles are being chopped off creatures there lose their very existence. Hence man shall eat up man be it visibly or invisibly. In the form of anarchy its 4 signs as hunger, joblessness, housing problems and anarchy are coming to the forefront. Just as dawn connotes sunrise manifesting very shortly so too these world problems are the prologue of future world population explosion. Lest man even now refuses to pay due heed to farsighted discrimination/Viveka then how long shall nature remain silent?

In future days not more control can be levied on population increase and present day enthusiasm for scientific advancement. Yes! Definitely at least for 100 years a path shall be designed to aid humans remain alive. For this end efforts are being made as of today itself and from 2000 AD to 2100 AD whatever should be done, what shall happen etc its line of action must remain clear in the minds of all and in order to fulfill it much beforehand required efforts must commence without any further delay.

The renowned economist Arthur C Clarke and Prof Wirk Fuller has designed a world program for the 21st century. In it population augmenting has been given the 1st spot and within attainments as per it a scheme has been demarcated for fully controlling in a well managed fashion present and future scientific attainments. As per their sage counsel in the 21st century flesh production shall stop because it is very expensive to do so. In getting ready 1 pound of flesh about 50 pounds of fodder/animal feed is used up. By using up so much plant life just to produce such miniscule amounts of flesh doubtlessly is a loss making deal. For this end so much fertility power of agriculture land cannot be thrown to the winds. This fodder etc made from plant life instead of being utilized for construction purposes, paper industry etc is given to animals just to fatten them up and then get flesh from them is but wasteful expenditure. Is it any less that for a few cows giving lots of milk we save land space and food to nurture them? This shall only happen when man is rendered mentally prepared to economize as far as land he uses and food he devours. Plants like soya bean can easily aid in making milk, curds etc. Ghee or clarified butter is very much something akin to oil. The requirement of greasiness can be fulfilled by oil then why desire Ghee? From protein and bacteria in oil synthetic fats can be easily produced and hence no further need is there to imbibe a long complex procedure to make animal flesh. So far France has succeeded in producing synthetic fat. In future this procedure shall be rendered even more facile and highly advanced.

Roads usurp a lot of space/land and wherever they are rendered well cemented/tarred land there loses its fertility richness. These days we must seriously cogitate over the fact as to the extent to which roads are usurping fertile land and shall do so all the more in future, land destruction is imminent. Roads shall be built either underground or else cheap air travel shall fulfill requirements of travel and transport. On land used up by roads seeds of nourishing food items shall be sown along with grass that mature very fast per year. Plants must be used in totality only for eating purpose. Only then will the food scarcity problem get solved and that man’s belly can be filled in a satiating manner. These days today’s type of food habits shall have to be renounced in future. The shape and area taken up by plants if compared to that of seeds is huge. A major portion of crops is rendered as fodder. Today this fodder is eaten up by animals/birds but in future if animals become extinct then fodder shall be rendered useless. Under such conditions we must imbibe the habit of devouring the entire plant, grass etc. Ultimately do not other creatures sustain life by eating grass? Hence why should man aver in following suit? Grass possesses optimal measure of protein and other life sustaining principles. Grass powder can be used as flour. As per requirements other materials too can be added yet know that flour shall mainly be made from grass powder. The trend of eating grains akin to animal flesh shall be boycotted in future. When all food materials like synthetic curds/clarified butter or Ghee/flesh shall be produced synthetically why should anyone insist on eating flour made from grains? In a few years time people shall become ready to eat grass made flour. If they shall initially refuse to do so circumstances shall force them to eat grass made flour.

In order that man continuously gets pure unpolluted fresh air to inhale trees are very important. An area of 25 square feet enough air can be got by 1 person to breathe comfortably. Hence more and more arrangements shall have to be made to grow more trees/gardens in open spaces. At that time, buildings shall have many floors. No more shall houses be built with merely 1 storey. We shall perforce have to save space that is used to build homes. In order to grow plant life it shall be most required that least amount of land is used for building homes. This is possible only by constructing high rise building with maximum number of floors.

In order to render grass based meals more nutritious new sources of proteins must be added to them. In it shall predominate single cell yeasts, fungus, moss etc. If the admixture of oil bearing plants in vogue today like peanuts, soya bean, coconut and cotton seed are mixed with food items then grass made flour can be rendered more nutritious and tasty in comparison to wheat flour that is used a lot at present. Wheat has 10-12% protein, rice has 8-9% and flesh/fish have 20-22% protein. By abstaining from this belch inducing food newer sources of protein are utilized in a big way very easily more nutrition value can be ours for keepsake. Yeast has 55%, bacteria 80%, fungus 40% and moss has 25% protein. Under such circumstances by using them food scarcity and nutrition problems can be solved on a war footing.

A French scientist-Champton has attained promising success in producing nutritious protein content from tiny microbes emerging as bye products from petroleum refineries. In comparison to expenses incurred in producing protein from single cell microbes expenses incurred in producing flesh is 2500 times more. Under such situations man perforce shall have to use more and more protein from single cell microbes. In Japan there is a trend of using oceanic plant called chlorella as food material. England is immersed in making protein from grass. Soya bean milk can fulfill the requirement of cow, buffalo etc milk and this is being opined by food research experts very optimistically. Since 1kg of soya bean gives 10 liters of milk it is quite financially cheap too. As far as nutritional quality is concerned both soya milk and cow’s milk are equal.

In future major changes shall have to be brought in as far as cooking food is concerned. In future that space used up today due to storage of uncooked grains etc and amount of space used up to store cooked food shall no longer get usurped wastefully. The moment grains, vegetables etc are grown they shall be cooked on a gigantic scale in large industries/factories and its dried powdered essence form shall be packaged. Since food constitutes 90% water content hence on mixing required amounts of water in this dry powdered food, it shall be heated ovens. Thus in 10 minutes food shall be ready and thus not only space shall be saved but that time taken to cook it too shall minimize a lot.

Mountains shall have to be razed down into flat plains. Rocky land that cannot be used for agriculture shall be instead used to build factories, housing complexes etc. Thus cities and villages shall inhabit in such areas. By powdering mountains building materials like bricks, stones, cement etc can be made so that in such construction tasks not one foot of fertile land used for agriculture is wastefully destroyed. In place of wood by using plastic or other synthetic metals building construction material requirements can be satisfactorily fulfilled.

USA’s scientific author Isaac Asimov while quoting statistics has said that due to ever increasing population in the next 20 years amongst those hazards emerging, the problem of materials required to sustain lives on planet earth shall predominate. Air, water and food are 3 such entities on the basis of which man sustains life. In future for an ever augmenting world population all these 3 shall neither be available in its pure unadulterated form and neither in ample measure too.

Despite all this due to an ever increasing population problems emerging shall not get solved. The most heinous dire result of ever increasing population shall not only stare at us ferociously as terrible food scarcity but that pure drinking water too shall get depleted in big measure. This is because at one end world population is increasing astronomically and at the other end factories, industries using a lot of water and other materials shall crop up like weeds everywhere.

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