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In a way  dire world problems today are a challenge to our high intellectualism which shall prove whether we choose to get enmeshed in lowly transient selfishness so as to face world destruction or that by remaining alert we ready ourselves to wisely protect the world at large.

Hardships and distress appear in our midst like teachers. Lethargic indolent students get hit by teachers,Guest Posting are reprimanded and face their ire but students who are hard working and full of responsibility are praised by this very teacher, attain his love, imbibe wisdom, get prizes and are guided on the path of advancement. Although the teacher is same yet 2 students of opposite nature and character, experience opposite reactions from the teacher. Hardships and strife in this world is akin to a teacher whose task is harsh. The teacher is very exacting while testing us yet his purpose is not bad. This teacher comes with the aim of fulfilling auspicious ends.

When in our individual, social and all encompassing lives hardships arrive, know that they are fruits of our inauspicious actions executed by us in our individual, social and all encompassing lives. If these vile actions are large in measure hardships faced too are many that have to be undergone by us. Planetary positions are merely a conducive opportunity. During the monsoon season diseases like allergy, boils, pustules, malaria, diarrhea etc manifest a great deal. This does not mean that these diseases pour down along with rain water but it means that since in our body for many days together poison was gathering this was an optimal opportunity for this poison to rush out of the body. If there is no poison gathered in the body of a person even if it rains cats and dogs, such a one will not become ill. Generally many trees and plants bloom in spring season yet only those do so who have been properly nourished with fertilizers and water. Those trees/plants that could not grow naturally or failed to get due fertilizers and water do not flower even if spring season sets in.

The same holds true for planetary positions which are conducive opportunities only. Water filled in a canal after passing through a gutter built nearby comes out from it but this shall happen only if the canal has water. If there is no water and the canal is dry you may build many pipes/gutters near it but no water shall reach gardens or fields in the vicinity. Many people of the same Zodiac Sign face the god/bad Dasha (condition) of the same planet at the same time yet all of them do not get joy/sorrow of the same type. The reason being that there exist differences as far as the good/bad Karmas gathered over past lifetimes by these people. On its own planetary positions do not harass or give prizes to anyone without any rhyme or reason. Ere this had happened magnanimity, supremacy, same sightedness and sense of justice would not remain balanced in Almighty God. If this were the case demigods would be called insane who without any cause metes out strife to everyone or would be called fools who without differentiating those who are deserving or not dole out joyous comforts to one and all. In reality the condition or state of planetary deities is not so demeaned. For them all creatures are equal. Since they are divine they pour compassion on all creatures.

As per astrology the future 5 years appear very ghastly and inauspicious. The measure of its terrible nature is that the more the collective actions of world humans are tainted the more distress and agony shall have to be faced by them. These years are merely apt opportunities for these vile activities to bear fruits. From this standpoint if we glance at the vile actions of world humanity executed at present and in the near past it shall appear that purity, self control, generosity, forgiving nature, brotherhood, selfless world service and renunciation in individual lives have been thrown by the wayside and that in its place people gone berserk while carrying out lawful and unlawful oppression, kidnapping, injustice, harassing innocents, fraud, scams, falsehood, selfishness, greedy hoarding and wicked behavior. In people’s lives today selfishness rules the roost. No one even thinks of self sacrifice for others and in fact their lowly aim is to chop off others necks so as to fill up their tummies. Peoples’ eyes are glued to satiating lowly desires and sense titillation instead of greatness and path of glorious living.

On noting with a subtle divinely spiritual viewpoint it is clear that demonic thinking and activities have gruesomely covered the skies with dark gloominess. Whenever these dark clouds get a chance to burst forth everything on earth shall be razed down. Farsighted divine seers on noting these auspicious-inauspicious clouds of the invisible world make prophecies and various predictions for future times. Planetary positions/influences can be called helper binoculars that give us knowledge about future situations in the world. By mathematically calculating these planetary positions that very task can be executed akin to donning binoculars and seeing objects in far off regions of the horizon.

There is no doubt that the way in which world human’s collective tainted activities are augmenting that if these are not obstructed then that very dire accident of world annihilation can set in as predicted in such prophecies. Along with this my personal opinion is that this terrible situation has not reached that state wherein human efforts to usher in world peace fail totally. Thus even now if potent intense efforts are made the world over this super fearful terrible strife and loss of millions of human lives and material resources can be obstructed.

In this intense effort is included veering away world human intellect away from insane material wealth hoarding, selfishness, injustice, vain desires and sense titillation and instead lead it towards renunciation of wealth hoarding, selfless service, spirituality, justice, equality, ethics, generosity, truth, unconditional love and self control. When the world lay public’s psyche after getting liberated from tainted thinking imbibes great thinking and goodwill towards all fellow beings, then life oozes with great glorious activities, sacred ideals and behavior that is worth imbibing by all. This sort of collective great thinking/activity fills up the subtle sky with such divine fragrance as a result of which a Golden Era like rain of divine blessings and peace/joy showers on all of us. People on getting liberated from hardships and pain very naturally attain in great measure God given good fortune.

It is just not enough to dish out theoretical sermons and lectures when we desire that the human intellect is led away from the path of vileness and instead marches ahead on the path of human and divine glory. For this there is a potent need of influential people full of great sacred character whose very life’s stupendous activities and glorious behavior is a living sermon and who not only teach via speech but actually set an example by living those high stature teachings. By leading away human intellect away from tainted roads so as to induce it to walk the path of pious greatness, we can render quiet and calm an unwholesome tainted atmosphere in space. But how will this set in? How shall self sacrificing people come out to lead world humans? How will that activity be taken up by the lay public wherein instead of them harboring mere superficial curiosity for spiritual discussions realize that it is a most required aspect for sound human living? This is a very dire problem. Its solution lies in the inner subtle world and not in the external one. It is the times tested Spiritual Science of Rishi-Maharshis spanning for thousands of years that can solve these problems. History is witness to the fact that time and again great Rishis have planned gigantic powerful spiritual programs in order to positively transform world human psyche and this farsighted solution of theirs has influenced human beings living nearby and in far off lands too. Today all this is most required.

Dire situations are arriving in full throttle-they are very much in our vicinity. It is coming in the form of a hard hearted but very apt teacher. If we prove to be lethargic unruly students and insist on executing vile activities we shall face a rain of sticks and slaps. Those prophecies and warnings given by wise visionaries in the past and those being predicted today shall definitely come true 100%. Yet if try to benefit from this wise teacher represented by planetary positions, by respecting his disciplinary actions we transform our psyche for the better and if we walk ahead executing great glorious tasks, not only that terrible strife can be warded off but that we shall become instruments of ushering in a new heavenly era. Modern times’ harsh warning has presented itself before us. Lest we hear/understand it we shall reform ourselves, we shall change and not only shall we get protected from this fearful bad situation of future but that innumerable others too shall get protected. If we insist on latching on to disinterested indolence, we fail to ward off our vain selfish desires then akin to worms crawling in figs we shall be chewed to pulp by god of death. In a way these dire world problems are a challenge to our high intellectualism which shall prove whether we choose to get enmeshed in lowly transient selfishness so as to face world destruction or that by remaining alert we ready ourselves to wisely protect the world at large.

Shantikunj (HQ of All World Gayatri Family, Haridwar, India) which is the Gangotri Glacier of the 21st century is battling with the help of a campaign akin to an awakened iron authority in order that world peace harbingers in. Akin to an alert guard this institution during the dark hour of gloom has lit up a radiant torch that shows us fearful destructive clouds swimming in the sky. This bugle of warning is being sounded ceaselessly so that people sleeping like that demon Kumbhakarna (who slept for 6 months at a stretch) now start turning on their sides, think of what is good/bad for them and execute that which wise people do during hours of calamity.

Regarding campaigns for world peace people are working in their own ways. Regarding scientific campaigns, scientific researchers are laboring day and night to invent more ghastly types of atomic bombs, hydrogen bombs, toxic bombs, missiles and so on and also ways of getting protection from such heinous weapon attacks. Regarding industry oriented campaigns economists and the wealthy class are immersed in setting up large scale industries and businesses. Regarding progressive campaigns the government places forth 5 year plans. Various world nation governments in their own way are weaving nets of conspiracies in the name of world peace and victory. Many movements and tasks are being carried out in various campaigns but even if all these unite yet that campaign which has highest weight age since it encompasses goodwill, humane values, ethics, great character, supremacy, idealism, spiritual penance etc has been relegated to the sidelines. Ere this desirable campaign remains listless all human and wealth resources spent in other types of campaign will prove useless due to failure. What is painful is that the world public has just no interest on carrying out those spiritual campaigns that shall ensure world peace and prosperity and even if those so called vain religious leaders act they do so only to run their own sects, setting up their hermitages, forcing people to worship their feet and initiating as many disciples so as to bombastically boss over them. These so called religious heads just do not have time nor inclination to sacrifice something for public benefit at this dire hour, they do not want to endure hardships and shoulder the onerous task of leading lay public towards greatness and human glory.

Under such perilous situations the members of All World Gayatri Family have to work very hard. It is their duty to do something concrete during such calamitous times and sacrifice their very beings for it. In the near future in order to transform world public psyche they will have to execute worldwide tasks of establishing ethics, human values, sense of righteous duty and goodwill.

For this there is a need that if in the eyes of people usefulness of this great precept gets illumined if those people who have very little responsibility to their families and who are willing to renounce their deluded attachment to grandchildren etc take up such glorious endeavors, along with following the ancient tradition of Vanaprastha (retirement after 50 years of age) and Sanyasa (ascetics) they will truly succeed in life in an all round manner. Those pious householders who can spare a bit of time daily or as much as possible after performing family duties can do a lot of constructive work in nearby areas.

For a short time span the selfish viewpoint of ‘attain salvation or Moksha by devoting to God’ or by doing various worship ritual programs so as to attain Sidhis or Divine Powers, must be given up. For some 5 years time span at least the aim of all lovers of their country and religion should selfless preaching of spirituality because today such a ghastly atmosphere of discontent is looming large the world over that none can attain salvation or divine powers for themselves alone. For all this to succeed a conducive subtle atmosphere is required which is totally absent today. Hence instead of wasting time/effort in endeavors that are failing those tasks must be taken up which augment joy-peace in our own lives, in our family, in our cities, in our country and in the entire world. For 5 years if 100,000 spirituality broadcasters sacrifice their all for campaign of world peace they can ward off threats of nuclear bombs being hurled between nations. By banging into destructive dark clouds akin to Indra’s thunderbolt they can be forced to dissipate to naught. In ancient times Indra’s thunderbolt was made from bones of the great Rishi Dadhichi. Today the campaign is very much intense and also we do not have Dadhichi’s pious bones. Thus only if 100,000 self sacrificing people unite can the goal be achieved.

I do not at all believe that in such a big country as India 100,000 religious propagandists with a self sacrificing attitude are not ready to unswervingly take up the campaign of world peace minimum for 5 years. If this requirement is fulfilled by Akhand Jyoti Magazine readers, Yug Nirman Mission and All World Gayatri Parivar this organization can then hold its head high and become capable of valiantly combating these present times of danger and terrible fear. All world Gayatri Family by readying an army of thousands of alive and kicking religious preachers stands as an indomitable pillar of light. The demand of modern times is of this type. Let us see who all are ready to partner in this great campaign?

The drums of bad times are shattering this world. In this hour of total destruction instead of dying like stray dogs let us all take up glorious tasks for Era Creation, serving humanity, reinstating of true religion and righteousness and for rejuvenation of Indian Culture. In the fact that doing this is very apt, dwell our intellectualism, farsightedness and success of life.

The dark clouds of world annihilation are looming large over the world and at any point in time shall convert this lush green earth into a gory graveyard. No longer is this being said by just a handful of people but from everywhere this opinion is being given be it small-big, scholarly-foolish or poor-rich people the world over. Specialists in the field of astrology, spiritual sciences, parapsychology and religious scriptures too agree fully. In the following paragraphs as per astrology sciences we are showcasing for our respected readers thoughts with reference to this terror like situation which passed by just recently.

With reference to America’s Foreign Policy, important news called ‘Eisenhower Principle’ was placed forth on 5 January 1957 in front of a combined session of American Congress. Proposals in it were put forth regarding decreasing tensions created due to the incident of Suez Canal and protecting Middle East Region from influence of communism and the Congress was being asked to cogitate over it immediately. This is worth noting that this plan of USA President was announced after Yoga of Rahu-Shani as per astrology charts and as a result of this Yoga the Suez agitation manifested. This above mentioned proclamation by the President was akin to a warning to Russia that out of delusion it does not err. History has been repeating itself as a result of which when nations get uplifted, grow tall and develop a lot they gain world leadership and later due to an arrogant ego and greedy tendencies they get shattered so as to enter the womb of total annihilation. From this standpoint USA and Russia cannot be said to be exceptions. Such incidences are creations of the results of malefic influences and Yoga of position of planets in space. Such planetary influences are faced not only by human beings but various countries too. Today leading world politicians talk of manifesting permanent world peace on earth and establish a heavenly kingdom in place of an agitated tense world of today. But they forget that even very gigantic great eras when peace prevailed it did not last more than 300-400 years at a stretch. All these incidences ensue because of planetary influences which cannot be wiped out or deleted by even the most powerful politician of the world.

If we make a note of American History we can get tangible proof of potent nature of planetary influences. In the 1st European Great War that commenced in 1914 AD America did not take part and till 1917 AD it had faith that it shall remain neutral yet later it perforce had to take part in this war. Then it harbored hope by gaining victory in that war it shall be capable of reinstating peace that is permanent and conducive to democracy. In order to fulfill this goal although America tasted victory yet world peace did not set in. when the 1st world war ended America harbored trust that if a subsequent 2nd world war set in, it would distance itself from it totally. Yet when the war actually set in its intentions were not fulfilled. In the 2nd world war it hoped that when Nazi and fascist rulers tasted defeat the era of justice and permanent world peace shall usher in. yet although this time too victory was theirs yet world peace receded to naught. Despite reaping success in 2 gigantic world wars various countries are mulling over a 3rd world war. Those who design such plans for these nations have steadied this theory that the ‘cold war’ going on at present shall slowly heat up so as to boil into an actual 3rd world war. With reference to such observations every neutral person shall perforce have to accept that these political honchos do not know how to obstruct such gory wars and even if one sets in how to reinstate permanent peace in the world. Possibly they know only one thing and that is how to fuel and incite more fights between nations the world over. If this were not the case say what is the reason that these people seated in one place cannot solve world hardships especially when they know that if fighting/quarrels go on ceaselessly the definite result shall be that flames of a 3rd world war shall erupt ferociously which know for sure shall be much more terrible and destructive than previous world wars. As of today various nations are trapped in the vicious wheel of wars in such a way that due to them newer wars sprout forth like unwanted weeds and shall prove to be much more barbaric than previous wars waged. Seers of mysteries of astrology science know well that the cycles of war run on in accordance with certain special laws that are tightly bound to planetary influences.

If we make a note of major Yoga’s of planets in the past about 100 years we shall realize that as a result of their influence energies manifested that obstructed world peace. It is our ill fortune that leading world politicians took decisions related to the needs and lives of millions of people on such occasions when planetary influences were very opposing and heinous. The result of this was that in these past 100 years, we have witnessed gigantic idealistic and hope based plans go awry that tasted failure. There are innumerable examples to prove this viz. proclamation by American President Wilson that they were neutral, his 14 principles, Laws designed for League of Nations, Washington’s disarmament treaty and Kellog Pact, Davos Plan, Young Plan, Hoover’s plan of re creation of the world, Stimson Plan, President Roosevelt’s Quarantine Speech and 4 proclamations of independence, Hull’s 17 principles, Atlantic Charter, Yalta’s Proclamation, establishment of UNO, Truman’s Speech, India’s partitioning, Kashmir problem, regions created in India based on languages used, Eisenhower’s Speech and so on. The chief reason why all these failed was bad planetary influences. Their cause was not worldly circumstances but that is our intellect, nature and thinking and their basis dwells in the planetary influences on decision making politicians at various international conferences. For example take a look at the horoscope of League of Nations. England’s ruling planet Mars influenced all leading politicians attending the Versailles’ Treaty in such a way only England’s opinion was accepted and its effect was that the development of the policy of League of Nations took place via such a path that the result was ushering in of a 2nd World War. The condition of the descendent of League of Nations i.e. UNO too is not in very good shape because it was established under planetary influences that were malefic.

Wars ensue amongst big nations only when planetary influences are special. When Saturn, Rahu and Mars are in one house and are in a particular Zodiac Sign that create special incitements such incidences occur. If we mull over the planetary positions at the time of the 1st world war, it will be clear that at that hour Rahu-Jupiter and Mars-Ketu were in Dwirad Dasha. Saturn and Mars were in one house and Rahu-Saturn was in a triangle. Similarly if we study the planetary positions of the time of 2nd world war it will be clear that planetary positions were very dire and fearful. Saturn a powerful planet of democracy was in Yoga with Ketu in Aries Zodiac Sign and Ashwini star or Nakshatra and Mars’ looked (Drishti) at it completely. Jupiter and Saturn were in Dwirad Dasha and Rahu-Jupiter was 6 and 8 degrees apart. Thus the famous world wars were fought in very influential planetary positions.  

If we ponder over the planetary positions of 1959 AD then we understand that at the end of August Saturn, Mars and Rahu were in 1 house. Saturn and Mars saw each other and Rahu was friendly with Mars. Rahu was seen by Saturn. Jupiter was in Scorpio Zodiac Sign and along with Saturn its Dirad Dasha was on. Due to the influence of these planetary positions tensions flared up between leading world countries and UNO surrendering to contemporary needs renounced ethics. Fights and quarrels ensued between big nations and the situation became very dangerous. The biggest dire problem cropped up in the year 1962 AD.

On 5 February 1962 not only a solar eclipse appeared but that 8 planets gathered together viz. Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Ketu. This Yoga is known to be very potent and creates terrible reactions. On that day at 5.30 am the situation was thus: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Ketu were in Ghanista star/Nakshatra whose lord was Mars. This Yoga was related to the 9th house of the horoscope of India’s Freedom Fight, Pakistan’s 10th house, America’s 8th house and Russia’s 12th house. The fact that Yoga occurred of these 8 planets in Capricorn Zodiac sign whose lord is Saturn was indeed fearful. On this occasion Russia-USA not only threatened each other and showcased their clout, but got ready to fight a world war. At that time the power examination of communism and western democracy was going on and it was being thought that as a result of this attacking communism shall end in a major way. In the world a lot of human killing shall take place. But since Capricorn is a mobile Zodiac Sign, hence this struggle did not last long. Due to planetary influences very soon attack took place, destruction too occurred swiftly and the war too ended quickly. No doubt the world had to face a super dire situation and political honchos totally failed to obstruct the influence of Mars. Even today similar world situations loom large. If people by knowing the future immediately become cautious and if world politicians control their wrath loss faced shall be miniscule. India should pay more attention to its security and on realizing the danger of fanaticism and capitalism accordingly must research into its foreign policies. From the standpoint of astrology one cannot gauge the fear of the fact that if nuclear weapons are used entire human race shall get destroyed to naught. Certain politicians out of sheer fear are thinking that due to nuclear warfare or star wars the world shall get destroyed and hence again and again are singing eulogies of non violence to the world. But they do not understand that with the thinking of non violence a compromise is made with vile principles that non violence becomes useless and its ethical power loses all sheen. Even after the 3rd world war human existence shall not end. On such occasions Almighty God and nature always finds a way to overcome human error.

At that time also it was believed that that this Yoga of 8 planets shall not only become the cause of a war between Russia and America but due to its influence the world public shall face more strife in the form of lack of food, fear of robbery, end of political rulers, famine and mismanagement in daily living. To a great extent all this did take place. Varah Mihir has written that when Mars unites with solar eclipse the world faces varied types of hardships. In this manner in an ancient book written by Mr. Lakshman Suri called ‘Daivajna Vilas’ it is mentioned that when Saturn enters Capricorn Zodiac Sign as a result incidences of flooding, ire of epidemics and destruction of aliens (Dasharnadeshe yavanashcha nashtaha) are witnessed. From this an inference was made that war shall commence due to some problem occurring in Middle East. Lakshman Suri also opines that when Saturn enters Sagittarius Zodiac Sign dire situations crop up in Punjab, Kuru, Kosal (UP), Kashmir, Kalinga (Orissa) and Bang (Bengal). Following is the quotation:

Mandesthite dhanvini vrishti hani syadhbhupatanti kalahenachardham.

Panchal, kasha kuru kosalashcha Kashmir kalinga bang.

On noting India’s contemporary state it can be inferred that national welfare shall be hit badly because political leaders instead of focusing on national benefits shall be more immersed in personal competition and in fighting. By keeping in mind fearful dangers emerging from such circumstances our leaders should unearth such a creative solution for national problems which work in accordance with real time situations the world over along with our ancient culture. We must rethink about our suspicious activities that are more inclined towards foreigners. In 1962 AD it was very clear from the Yoga of wondrous forces gathered in Capricorn Zodiac Sign that 1962 shall be the ‘deciding year of fate’. America understanding Russia’s plans much beforehand shall shower the first initial blow. But since Jupiter dwells in Capricorn, although its power would be dim, the intensity of agitation shall diminish and very soon peace shall prevail. As per Varah Mihir’s research the Yoga of Jupiter could be in any form yet it always is auspicious akin to water poured on blazing fire.

While cogitating over what is said above a fact appears amidst us that in these days some such similar situations are manifesting in the subtle world which say that the years between 1995 -2000 AD are full of danger for the world. Nature shall showcase gigantic calamities, especially like earthquakes, ocean storms, tsunamis and so on. At that time mankind shall be woefully powerless to obstruct such destruction. A lot of agitation shall set in between East and West. Astrology has already warned us of such a dire future. It is true that future events cannot be totally obstructed from occurring but by executing apt solutions a lot of such hardships and strife can be diminished.

These days also the intimidating competition between Russia and America along with other nations has not commenced from the times of Marx, Lenin or Stalin and even if Soviet rule ends or is defeated this competition shall not end. In this world the differences regarding cultures and ideals have existed even in ancient times. Even then for world well being powers must be rendered optimally balanced and its area of influence must be accepted separately. The fact is that due to varied influences of different planets various countries of the world cannot dwell united.

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