Jan 15


Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma

Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma

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UN had appointed a Commission that by journeying to 46 leading nations of the world placed before us a detailed report on water scarcity problems and the method to successfully troubleshoot it. The gist of this report was published in book form by UN with the title ‘Purification of salty water’.


On the one hand world population is increasing worrisomely and at the other end factories, THE DAYS TO COME IN FUTURE WHEN WE HUMANS SHALL HAVE TO REMAIN THIRSTY Articles industries, businesses are increasing rapidly. These days potable drinking water demand is increasing swiftly. Each family, each person requires water for drinking, bathing, washing clothes, cooking food and cleaning the house. The more one’s status of lifestyle increases higher up to that extent more water is required. There are people who grow plants, trees, breed animals-birds etc in their homes. For all this the demand for water increases a lot. In hot summer for moisture and water sprinkling water is needed.

Factories and industries ceaselessly demand water. The bigger the factory greater is the demand for water. Rails using steam and other machines require water. Research of various types in laboratories etc use a lot of water. Extra water is required in urban areas where stools/urines use flushes (Western toilets) and in cleaning sewers, gutters etc. Agriculture, gardening etc is totally based on water. Greenery and forest foliage wealth sustain themselves due to water. In animal breeding while feeding them fodder water too is given to them. There are so many other realms in which a ceaseless supply of water is required.

All this water is got from cloud formation. When ice on mountains melts it takes the form of flowing rivers and in actuality they are but gifts of clouds. Due to sun’s heat, steam that rises in air from the sea move around as clouds in the sky. When these clouds pour down as rain rivers, wells, lakes etc get filled with water. It is from these that water requirements mentioned above get fulfilled. Along with population plants, food grains, vegetables, animal lineage, factories etc that augment they have increased in tandem the demand for water in comparison to olden times much more. This demand is rising in a very furious hectic manner. Due to gift of water from clouds so far water demand was fulfilled satisfactorily. Irrigation tasks are executed via river, lake and well water. Whatever they possess is but the boon of rain clouds. It is very clear that whatever is being given via clouds is today proving less than the demand noted. The world over worry looms large for gaining access to clean drinking water in greater measure so that the requirements of water in human living, plants, animals, factories etc can be fulfilled.

There is no control on cloud formation. They may pour rain on us when they want to and in the measure they so wish. We cannot forcefully induce them to pour rain water as per our requirements. When they rain they may blindly do so in a cats and dogs fashion. Via monsoons clouds help spread water in such measure that it is not possible to collect it and in large amounts they flow away so as to finally merge into the ocean. After this for the remaining 8 months the sky remains clear. In hot summer one has to thirst for every drop of water. Under such situations man perforce has to make due efforts in order to unfold other sources of water else in a very short time span due to water scarcity disaster sustaining life on planet shall become virtually impossible. When even for throwing away garbage, growing lush greenery and for bathing-cooking present water availability is proving scarce how shall carry out daily life’s chores in future? With whose help shall factories, industries etc function?

USA’s population is 200,000,000. There water required for agriculture and animal/bird breeding per person each day is 13,000 gallons. Water required for household tasks and industries too uses this much amount. Thus in USA for every person daily 26,000 gallons of water is required. USA’s population is not so high comparatively and water sources are quite a few in number. Even so a worry prevails there that in the 21st century possibly a water scarcity hazard may manifest there.

India’s population when compared to that of America is 2.5 times more. Further in India water resources and founts are lesser in number. In big metro cities like for example in Mumbai the demand is for 350,000,000 gallons. This same demeaned state in more or less measure prevails in other Indian cities too. In rural areas majority of agricultural tasks depend on rain water. In that year when rains are less in that year terrible famine situations have to be endured. In fact both human and birds-animals life is at stake. Lest in such rural regions human effort based water management systems are put into operation a fair bit of food scarcity problem can be solved successfully.

While searching for more water resources our eyes perforce head towards ocean waters. More than 2/3rds of earth’s surface is submerged in ocean waters. But the problem is that this water is salty and it can hardly be used in any task. How can this salty water be converted into salt free and potable water? This then shall be the focus of research so as to render human life more comfortable in future times.

Regarding this UNO had appointed a Commission that by journeying to 46 leading nations of the world placed before us a detailed report on water scarcity problems and the method to successfully troubleshoot it. The gist of this report was published in book form by UN under the title ‘Purification of salty water’. In it the chief suggestion is to focus more attention on rendering salty ocean water salt free. The book suggests also that greater emphasis should be laid on stopping rain water wastefully flowing away into the ocean and to extract water from invisible rivers flowing in underground regions. Further they advise that water got from clouds as gifts and melting mountain snow must be used wholesomely with much more caution.

A scheme for nearby regions of North and South Pole of earth involves ‘catching’ icy mountains flowing in oceans there so as to solve the problem of potable drinking water scarcity. Know for sure that this method shall prove cheaper financially and shall be easily available too. 80% of earth’s total potable water content is found in snow coverings and ice caps in the Pole’s Antarctic region. In these freezing cold areas large sized portions of ice on getting separated start swimming in the ocean. Thus they take the form of an ice island. Due to pressure of ocean waves and wind whizzing past they roam around here and there. By catching icy mountains of the South Pole in order to fulfill water requirements in South America, Australia and Africa they can be pulled towards these regions. In the same way, icy mountains of the North Pole can fulfill water requirements of a very gigantic sized region on planet earth. Of course the number of icy mountains here found is lesser.

America’s snow scientist Dr William Campbell and Dr Wilford for this very purpose while placing forth their research data in an international meeting organized in Cambridge (England) called ‘International Symposium on the Hydrology of Glaciers’ said: More importance should be given to ‘catching’ icy mountains so that to a great extent the world potable water problem can be solved in an inexpensive manner.

With the help of geo satellites in space by taking photographs we can find out in which region how and in what number icy mountains are travelling. 83% of these icy mountain areas are submerged in water and only 17% of it is seen bobbing above the ocean water surface (tip of the iceberg). These can be dragged away up to a distance of 5000 miles. It can take up to 5 months for them to travel this length.

No doubt 2 causes are worrisome viz. expenses incurred to drag them and that one they enter areas that are warmer than Polar Regions they start melting, yet in the final analysis this water tapping shall be cheaper than the current methods of fulfilling water requirements from rivers, underground water founts etc.

It has been calculated that 2/3rds of the iceberg dragged from Emory to Australia shall melt and only 1/3rd shall remain in ice form. Only 14% of an iceberg dragged from Rasa to South America shall remain in ice form. It has been said that dragging with slower speed proves more beneficial because since obstructions created by waves lessens ice wastage shall diminish a fair bit. Very easily a tug water vehicle with a horse power of 7-8 thousand in ½ a nautical can drag this iceberg. The expenses incurred to travel from one’s port to the ice mountain and also returning and cash used to melt this ice so as to render it potable drinking water shall definitely be cheaper when compared to the expenses incurred by local municipal corporations in collecting and supplying water to various households, factories etc. using traditional methods. The biggest advantage is that this ice water being of the stature of distilled water shall be very useful in rendering our health sound and disease free. Further this water is clean and devoid of any forms of toxic principles. On noting its high clean stature even if expenses incurred are bit on the higher side we must joyfully bear it.

The 2nd solution given is that on sea shores gigantic sized nuclear reactors could be built. With the help of the reactor’s heat artificial clouds can be created and then by cooling these clouds artificial rivers can be created. By building dams potable water problems can be solved a great deal.

The 3rd solution is with reference to that rain water which on first entering rivers finally flows away into the ocean. If via dams this river water flowing is obstructed then potable drinking water problem can be dealt with successfully.

The 2nd and 3rd type of solutions mentioned above are dangerous ones. On being exposed to more heat sea water life like microbes etc shall die in hordes, sea shore areas nearby shall becoming excessively hot. Further when this heat travels to the Polar Regions a water based world destruction situation (Jal Pralaya) could manifest and major portion of earth shall get submerged in water. Such gigantic reactors via radiations emitted by them can create even more upheavals. The danger attached to the 3rd solution is that when river waters fail to reach the ocean they shall start drying up. Thus saltiness in ocean waters shall increase and due to this heavy water clouds shall fail to rise up in the sky. Thus what benefits can one accrue even by building dams to obstruct river waters wastefully flowing away into the ocean? The highly vagabond like ice islands of the Poles cannot travel much far. Thus only those regions benefit from them that lie in very close proximity to these ice islands.

The above mentioned solutions are half complete and fail to give well defined results. Doubtlessly the demand for potable drinking water shall perforce have to be solved. If we fail to do so immense water scarcity shall be noted for tasks like agriculture, drinking purposes, factories, cleaning etc and due to this speed breaker since the problem of production of materials/goods and cleanliness shall be rendered very complex and tortuous man shall die prematurely due to unappeased hunger pangs, dirt, squalor, diseases etc.

All these world problems are but the creation of the alarming rise noted in world population. Lest man had put at work his farsighted wisdom he would have realized the dire results to be faced as a result of this population augmenting abnormally and thus would have taken strict measures to stop such insane population augmenting. Yet we fail to see mankind imbibing a farsighted vision and thus the problem of drinking water scarcity remains unsolved. If not today most definitely in future years to follow world humanity shall perforce have to endure the all destructive punishment due to his thunderbolt like stupidity. It is inferred that this perilous situation till the end of the 21st century shall manifest in its ghastly form.