The Secrets of Sales Lady Who Lived Under Great Pressure

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in big city in the world, there is a crowd of young lady who go in for the job of saling houses. Under their elegant appearance, there is some pains that is unknown to others, we have interviewed some ladies and written something about their stories.

   When talking of sales ladies,Guest Posting many people will have the impression that they wear expensive suit of a fine makeup, sign a large contract and hold high incomes. Nowadays houses have become a hotter and hotter topic, more and more people talking about it at leisure, naturally sales ladies has become the focus of men’s attention. What kind of people sales days are? After the glaring ring of light, what kind of ups and downs do they have? Later I will talk something about this little kind of people in the big city.

Due to the soaring of house price, civilians have resentment toward property developers. When meeting any little problem, they will state their anger to sales ladies, therefore a good sales ladies, she should be able to submit to humiliation. Once sales ladies said that the biggest feeling of sales ladies is painstaking, what others see is just the appearance, they have to work for a long time every day and suffered many troubles. They are most afraid to meet some willful guests, once a middle adult wanted to purchase a house at 26 ground After he had looked at the house, the next day he asked his wife together, the third day he asked his children again, several days later, the man asked his colleague and relatives for consultation about the house, he had come for the house eight times in the month, every time his sales ladies would company her to the 26 ground and explained.

Once a sales ladies companied the guest for the house in the building site, due to there are plenty of building materials, the ladies wore a pair of high-heeled shoe and twisted her foot incautiously. She was afraid of effecting the image of houses after the guest knew this, she bore and said nothing, after returning the office, she poured water for the guest, explained and analyzed, the guest left after one hour, at that time, her foot have been red and swollen.

The frustration behind sales ladies is that they own pretty appearance but always worried about marriage. Once a sales ladies said that she had tens of friend who did the job of sales ladies, the average age is 25, among them the biggest is near 30, but 90% of them are singles. Many girls think that maybe they will be single to the old.

Fortunately what you pay will earn returns. I      t is reported that the income of a sales ladies will be over RMB 10,000 at the time of sales season such as opening quotation or festivals. When there is no house for sales, their income would be around 1,000. In Chongqing, for skilled sales ladies, the average annual income would be 100,000. If the lady sales cottage or owns a better achievements, the annual income will be over 200,000. There are a lot of sales ladies with over one million incomes every year in big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai.

When the interview, we met a lady who was once a teacher in the primary school, thinking about the low salary, she had given up her joy 4 years ago and gone in for the job as sales ladies. Now she was very satisfied with the push money from hundred to thousand for selling one house. But her first boyfriend had left her because he thought that her job showed her face in public. Then she made a new boyfriend, with just half of her salary. She wanted to own a stable house, everyday wait for her husband, watched filmed on laptop from and do some cooking. But life is tough, she had to struggle for life. When she just entered the industry, she learned that she had to learn something as many as possible, laying a good foundation for her future career.

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