Why Making Your Ex Jealous Can Backfire and Ruin Your Chances to Get Back Together With Your Ex

Oct 14


Dimmy Apostolovski

Dimmy Apostolovski

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Making your ex jealous might seem like the logical thing to do right now to make them feel the pain that you have gone through after your break up but you must exercise caution. Although you may feel as if you want nothing more than to win your ex back, you must be extremely careful how you make use of the jealously tactic.


Break ups are rarely final,Why Making Your Ex Jealous Can Backfire and Ruin Your Chances to Get Back Together With Your Ex Articles how many couples do you know that have broken up, only to get back together and be happier than ever? Break ups can be a shattering warning call from your ex that your relationship must change immediately if it has any chance to survive, making your ex jealous can kill your chances fast! Keep this in mind.

Making your ex jealous can spark feelings inside your ex as they see and hear about you with other people, whether this is friendly conversation or apparent dates with the opposite sex, making your ex jealous can backfire fast.

If your goal is to win your ex back you must avoid this approach, although it can be very effective the odds are that your ex will be mad seeing you with other people so early after your break up and only confirm in their mind they made the right decision leaving you. Making your ex jealous is simply too risky!

The most effective method to make your ex rethink your break up is to accept the break up and understand what lead to the break down of your relationship. Simply asking your ex to take you back or making empty promises that thing will be "different this time" will do little to make your ex want to take you back.

Be mature, keep a level head, but more importantly understand that manipulation, using guilt or other shady tactics may work but will do more harm than good in the long run. Have a mature conversation with your ex, tell them what you would change and why, get them to open up and be honest, this is where reuniting can commence.

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