5 The Most Dangerous Skateboarding Tricks

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There are many tricks in skateboarding that are quite dangerous. Many skate videos and skateboarding photos show these tricks being done, but the thing that they don’t show is the injuries, in the real world it is not that easy!

When a person makes a skate video they often think they are invincible. Even the top skateboarders such as Mike Vallely have had their share of injuries. However,Guest Posting this had not stopped them from being professionals. Skateboarding videos are made regardless of injuries, but the professionals have been doing this for years, so they are used to it.Aerials are always going to be one of the most renowned tricks, but they are also very dangerous. If the air pressure or the way a person is on the board slips in any way when they are in the air, they can have quite a nasty fall. This is the reason many skaters have broken limbs, hurt necks, and even damaged their backs badly.Kick-flips are one of the simpler tricks to do. However, the bad thing about kick-flips are that the skateboard is known to either fly up and hit the skater in the head, in the knee, or even in the groin. Any of these are particularly hazardous and the reason why kick-flips should only be done by experts and those who have proper protection.Slides and grinds are another trick that looks very fun but is dangerous. The reason for this is that when a person is sliding down a rail, they may fall in any number of ways. Skateboarding videos on the internet show bones being broken, as well as the rail hitting sensitive areas. The way to avoid this is to know exactly how to do a grind, but also to wear the proper protection.Only the most experienced daredevils attempt a handstand on a skateboard. They all involve moving completely onto one hand, or both, without falling. This is risky for people as they can fall and damaged their neck or bad. This is when a helmet should be worn, but this trick shouldn’t ever be tried unless a person is absolutely sure they can do it.Finally, a manual isn’t the most dangerous, but it can hurt if done wrong. Whenever one wheel is lifted on the ground the rider must keep balance. If the skateboard catches a rock or crack in the ground, the rider is thrown. This should only be done on a smooth surface. 

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