Another Brief Primer On Longboard Skateboards

Mar 2


Lazar Rodriguez

Lazar Rodriguez

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Most people know what regular skateboards look like, but how about longboard skateboards? Just like a normal, regular skateboard, the longboard has four wheels and above that there is a plank of wood that you stand on. The longboard skateboard is like an older sibling to the skateboards we know today.

The first skateboards were much like longboard skateboards in the sense that they were shaped similarly. Early skate decks were long and thin,Another Brief Primer On Longboard Skateboards Articles with soft wheels. The longboard skateboards we know about today are basically the same – they’re long, thin pieces of wood with very soft wheels.

The purpose of a regular skateboard is to allow the user to do tricks. This is great, but not everyone has the skill to perform ollies and kickflips. The longboard skateboards are used mostly for transportation, cruising, or carving hills. Some of the more expensive longboard skateboards have special shapes that allow the user to perform certain tasks more easily.

Every longboard is different. Different longboarders need different longboard skateboards. It’s a matter of preference to the rider.  Just like they taught you in school – everyone is different.

Some longboarders use their boards as a method of transportation. When a longboarder like this wants to get somewhere, they usually ride one of their longboard skateboards. This isn’t for everyone, though. Some of the thrillseekers out there like to ride their longboard skateboards downhill at really high speeds. These types of longboarders need special boards that are thicker and have a wider wheelbase than that of a person looking to use their board for transportation.

If you thought those two types of longboards sounded interesting, then you should keep researching, because there are many, many more types of longboard skateboards. If you want to get into the world of longboarding after reading then go for it! Start at your local skateshop and don’t forget to buy some pads and a helmet.

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