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When you are going down a hill and you are just moving too fast for your own comfort, how do you slow down? Simple! Start sliding. Sliding is used by longboarders all over the world for reducing momentum. Lucky for you, it’s easy to learn.

The first thing you will want to do when learning to slide is to find a place without any hills. We will start by practicing the motions. If you are on flat land,Guest Posting practicing the motions should be easier. If you find that you are having a tough time staying on, even on a flat surface, try moving your practice zone to a carpet or even some thick grass.

There are many different ways to slide. The easiest method is to just think about how you have seen other people do it, and practice the movement. This consists of squatting down, grabbing your board, and shoving it out from underneath you using your back foot. This is easier said than done. Practice the motions a few times and when you are feeling good about them, try it on a slope.

The first time you try sliding, you will probably fall. This is unavoidable and is a part of the learning process. The other bad thing about learning to slide is that you can't really do a good slide unless you are really moving fast. This makes sliding terrifying.

One board that many downhill longboarders use is the loaded longboard. The loaded longboard was specifically designed with downhill longboarders in mind, and using a loaded longboard will definitely make your sliding experience easier and more pleasant. The reason these boards are so superior has to do with the fact that they are shaped specially, and, more importantly, the trucks are installed differently than on other longboards. This makes for a better sliding experience.

Now you are pretty much ready to start sliding a longboard. Make sure to practice your motions really well, or when you get to the hill, you might get some unexpected results (death, serious injury, or maybe just some bruises and scrapes.) You can do it, though. It is easy. Just wear your safety gear and a helmet when you try it the first time.

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