Custom Golf Clubs Can Improve Your Swing And Your Game

Dec 26


Craig Thornburrow

Craig Thornburrow

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While a custom set of golf clubs is certainly not necessary for beginners, those of us who take golf seriously know they can take several strokes off your handicap. Custom clubs also give you a significant psychological advantage out on the links.


To many golfers,Custom Golf Clubs Can Improve Your Swing And Your Game Articles the idea of owning their own custom golf clubs is very seductive.  Unfortunately, custom clubs can be quite expensive, and unless you are a professional caliber player or on the pro tour, you may not be able to justify the expense of such an extravagant purchase.

Golf pro shops normally have a wide variety of clubs that are more than adequate for most average players.  "Production" club sets are designed to be a good fit for a wide variety of players, and for many weekend golfers, a high-quality production set of clubs will be enough to improve their game somewhat.

The downside with production golf clubs is that they are not uniquely tailored to your physique, swing and style of playing.  And because at least 50% of golf is mental, using a standard set of clubs that are not specifically designed for you can prevent you from playing your best game.

On the contrary, custom golf clubs are always unique, and are designed to perfectly complement your playing style.  Additionally, when you step out onto the green preparing to tee off with your own custom set of clubs, there really is an indescribable psychological advantage.  Other players will certainly notice that you have custom clubs, and there is some value in this alone, as players often feel intimidated playing against a golfer with their own unique clubs.

Ideally, your playing partners may already be psyched out before you take your first swing.  But even if this is not the case, there is no denying that golf is a game of subtlety, and when you show up with your own custom made unique clubs, you already have a psychological advantage over the competition.

The other great benefit of using custom clubs is that they are manufactured to take advantage of your physique and natural swing.  Before ordering, your measurements will be taken, and usually videos will be made of your swing so that the clubs will perfectly complement your playing style.  A swing monitor may even be used sometimes to fine tune the custom design specifications.

There is no denying that this level of attention to detail will improve both your swing and your overall golf game.  Many players find that their golf swing becomes more refined and effortless as a result of using properly-fitted custom clubs.  When you consider this advantage along with the psychological aspects of owning your own custom set, it's easy to see why serious golfers nearly always use a custom set of clubs -- it's simply worth the expense.

A quality custom set of clubs can cost anywhere from $1000 to as much as $10,000, depending on how elaborate you want to go.  Custom materials can even be used in the construction of your clubs to ensure that the weight and feel of each club is ideally suited to your swing and playing style.

While a custom set of clubs is certainly not a necessary purchase for beginners, for those who are serious about the game, owning their own custom golf clubs can take several strokes off their handicap, while providing them with a huge advantage out on the green.