Different Kinds of motorcycle Helmet

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One of the most important motorcycle safety gear is a helmet. There are different kinds of helmet and you must pick the one that overs total protection. Discussed here are the different kinds of motorcycle helmet.

All motorcycle riders must wear motorcycle helmet particularly in the country where the helmet law exist. The helmet must be DTI approved. It is also important that the helmet must fit to rider who use it. There is different kind of motorcycle helmet seen in our market today. You can choose what kind of helmet fits you.

Full face- this helmet surrounds your head and cushions it during impacts. Full face helmet designed for a high speed protection of a person entire head. This helmet usually has a face-shield,Guest Posting which allows the rider to see as if, not wearing a helmet. There are advantages of a full face helmet.

Provide the most overall protection and visibility, but these are heavy and hot during summer.

Off-Road- these helmets are similar to full face helmet in their level of protection. Off road helmet are lighter than the street riding counterparts and allow for air to flow during a strenuous sport.

Modular- This helmet is a hybrid between full face and three-quarter shells. The face area of this is open to allow the rider to wear goggles.  The advantage of this helmet is allow the rider communicate without taking it off.

Three-Quarter Shell- this helmet covers only your head but not the chin. It will only protect your unless you fall flat on your face and onto your chin forward. You can take this helmet off with out losing vision for a short period. This helmet commonly uses in some police forces, such as Washington state patrol.

Half –Shell- this helmet is the lightest choice, but also offers the least protection.

Touring- Touring helmets are designed for long haul comfort; this helmet includes a larger visor area for more visibility.

These Helmets are very important and useful.  This is a protective headgear. The importance of using a helmet is for the motorcycle rider safety, its help to protect the rider head during impact. Its help prevent or reduce head injury or most importantly save the rider’s life.



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