Gameness BJJ Company Profile

Mar 5


tony taylor

tony taylor

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Gameness is a BJJ GI company that originated in Brazil and soon spread as a brand all over the world and can be seen being worn by Pros and amateurs alike in gyms and at competitions.

Gameness GIs are made to a very high standard and they use some of the best materials including pearl weave cotton and also their very own platinum weave cotton. Gameness employ professional designers to brand their GIs so the designs and graphics used make their GIs some of the best looking GIs on the market. Gameness produces some very nice GIs and below we will discuss their top GIs.
The Gameness Elite is their flagship model and is one of the best BJJ GI available in the world today and features some very nice additions. The Elite GI jacket is made from high quality pearl weave cotton that is light in weight but also very strong and durable. A nice addition to the Elite jacket is a rash guard lining. As far as I know Gameness are were the first BJJ GI company to have a rash guard lining in their GIs and it’s a nice addition. It makes the GI very comfortable and helps prevent GI burns when you GI is rubbing on your skin. The GI jacket has branded patches on the shoulders,Gameness BJJ Company Profile Articles chest and back and also features branded tape inside the cuff of the sleeve and on the jacket skirt. The collar has a rubber insert that helps to keep the collars shape and also helps the GI dry faster. The trousers are made from rip stop cotton and are very light weight and the feature the games logo embroidered on the thigh and back of the lower leg. All in all the Gameness Elite is one of the best BJJ GI available but can be a bit expensive so if you can afford it then it’s definitely a GI worth considering. 
The Gameness Platinum weave BJJ GI is one of the best tournament grade GIs in the world. The platinum weave is Gameness’s own style of weave and was developed just for this GI. It’s a lot like a pearl weave in that it’s strong and durable but it’s also been pre shrunk and had extra thick rows of stitching making it even stronger and less likely to suffer any kind of shrinkage after washing. Gameness added an extra thick collar to make it even harder for an opponent to choke you with any collar chokes. The trousers are made from 8oz cotton and are very comfortable to wear and they feature reinforced stitching on all the major stress points. If you like you’re GIs a little bit heavier than the standard GI and want a GI that’s going last you a long time then this is the GI for you.
The Gameness feather BJJ GI is a very light BJJ GI that is ideal for competition or for hot summer days. It’s made from 475 gram pearl weave cotton that is light weight but also very soft and supple making it very comfortable to wear. The GI is very light making it an ideal GI if you cut weight when you fight. The jacket is made from a single piece of material making it very strong and it features the gameness logo on the chest shoulders and on branded tape on the skirt. The collar is made from high quality rubber making the collar nice and stiff so it holds its shape after many washes. The trousers are made from military grade rip stop and feature reinforced knee area and reinforced stitching on all the major stress points. This BJJ GI is fully tournament legal making it the ideal GI for competitions but if like me you like to train in  a light weight GI then it can also be used for every day training.
The Gameness pearl weave BJJ GI is a great all rounder that can be used for competitions or every day use. The GI jacket is made from 550 gram pearl weave cotton so is somewhere between a light weight GI and a heavy GI. This GI will last you an absolute lifetime because the pearl weave used on this GI is very durable. The collar is a stiff rubber collar that will hold its shape and because of the stiffness it also makes it hard for your opponent to choke you with collar chokes. The GI jacket has Gameness patches on the shoulders and chest and branded tape on the skirt. The trousers are made from very light rip stop cotton. This is one of most comfortable BJJ GIs I’ve ever tried and i would definitely recommend it.