Moji Athletic Pain Products

May 31


Rebecca Matthews

Rebecca Matthews

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Moji is a leading manufacturer of products to help relieve athletic pain, including sports massage products, reusable ice packs, and heat therapy tools.


                Moji is a leading manufacturer of sports massage and athletic pain relief products.  Harnessing the power of moist heat therapy and cold compression therapy,Moji Athletic Pain Products Articles Moji’s athletic recovery products provide pain relief for the most intense sports injuries.  These products can also be used for injury prevention when used regularly.

                In addition, the sports massage products innovated by Moji can be used for athletic injury prevention.  Convenient handheld massagers afford the opportunity for warmup and cool down massage, increasing flexibility and blood flow to your muscles when it’s most needed.  The sports massagers also aid in recovery and injury prevention.  Omnidirectional massage rollers allow use on many areas of the body, so these can be used as foot massagers, calf massagers, back massagers, and neck massagers.

                TheMoji Knee is an advanced knee ice pack.  It is a reusable knee ice wrap intended to ease recovery from knee injuries.  Its innovative design allows for convenient and efficient use for relief of knee pain, as well as for knee injury preventions.  The knee ice wrap provides unrivaled convenience for the most lightweight knee recovery possible.

                The Moji Back System is an unrivaled solution for back pain relief.  With the option of cold compression therapy or moist heat therapy, the Moji Back System relieves and prevents back pain.  Ice and heat are two of the most effective solutions for back pain, and the Moji Back System provides the option of either.  It comes with an ice or heat pack to provide a choice for whatever method is needed.

                The Moji One is the most versatile product offered by Moji.  The Moji One Fusion Cell can be used for icing or heat, and provides relief from sports injury almost anywhere on the body.  It can be used as an ankle ice wrap, a shoulder ice wrap, a knee ice wrap, and for shin icing.  It can also be used for heat therapy as a neck warming wrap or for heat on several body parts, including the thigh, hamstring, calf, neck, and back.  Moist heat provides the muscle relaxation needed for many aspects of recovery.

                The Moji 360 is a sports massage product for pain relief.  Moji produced the Moji 360 to be a versatile massage product that can be used all over the body.  The Moji 360 has variably-sized omnidirectional steel spheres that allow for maximum control over speed, massage pressure, and pain relief.  Use of the Moji 360 can reduce muscle soreness that occurs after workouts.  The Moji 360 comes in a small, portable version known as the Moji 360 Palm, or a larger Moji 360. 

                Give Moji products a try for all of your athletic needs, such as sports massage, icing, or heat therapy.

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