Ultera Software Solution and Its Usage

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Provides a description of Image Process Design's software program Ultera and what it's used for.

Image Process Design is a software solution company headquartered in Bloomfield Hills,Guest Posting Michigan.  Founded by Steven Racine in 1991, Image Process Design began designing software specifically to optimize business processes for insurance companies.

While IBM produces business process management software (BPM), insurance companies found that they needed a go-between.  While BPM software is able to optimize and streamline many processes that would otherwise require manual attention, many business process management systems were not able to be tailored on a case-specific basis; while many business processes could be made more efficient, something else was needed for processes that were driven on a case-specific basis.   Because of the specific considerations that go into each individual case, a software application was needed to configure to every different case.

The answer to this dilemma was to introduce Advanced Case Management Software (ACM).  Prior to ACM, each case had to be handled manually and the business process management system had to be tailored to the unique specifications of each situations.  ACM software eliminated the need for this to be done, and thus reduced cycle times and conservation of resources.  With the decrease in cycle times, customers were more satisfied with their experiences.

ACM software is installed as a medium between the business process management software and the user.  Instead of being forced to tailor the BPM software to every situation, ACM software allows for situational components to be factored into business decision-making processes.  It also allows employees to assess these factors without toggling through different software applications.  ACM software allows for the seamless integration of the best features of software applications. 

Image Process Design introduced Ultera as a solution to the disconnect in between the Business Process Management software and the actual needs of insurance clients.  Ultera is a fully configurable software solution; rather than employing the budget and time required to build a customized solution to the business process management software, Ultera is an advanced case management software with multiple flexible elements, allowing each company to tailor it to suit their requirements.

Ulterais an out-of-the-box configurable solution.  Among the advantages to using Ultera is the efficiency to which it can be deployed, rather than waiting for a customized software to be built specifically for one company. 

Image Process Design was established in 1991 and is experienced both in insurance and software development.

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