Proper Motorcycle Riding Practices

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A motorcycle rider is safer on his bike when he knows how to follow the proper motorcycle riding practices. It is very important to think about your safety all the time.

Safety first! This is a constant reminder to all motorcycle riders. Whether you are a new or experienced rider,Guest Posting do not forget to think about yours and other people’s safety. You can enjoy long years of motorcycling fun by following the proper motorcycle riding practices.

Listed below is motorcycle riding practices riders must follow.

1.   Get a drivers’ license. Bear in mind that no rider is allowed by the law to ride without a license. It is also a rule to get a motorcycle license first before learning how to ride a motorcycle.

2.   Learn how to ride a motorcycle. The DMV will require every rider to complete the Basic Rider Course and pass the on-cycle test in order to get a motorcycle driver’s license. Getting a formal riding education will help minimize the accidents caused by motorcycles. Riding schools approved by the MSF will teach new riders about the fundamentals of motorcycling and safe motorcycle riding.

3.   Safety gears. Motorcycle riders must dress for safety. Do not forget to wear a helmet every time you went out for a ride. Aside from that, wear proper riding gears also such as leather jacket, gloves, riding boots, goggles and long pants.

4.   Be visible to other motorists. This is a safe motorcycle practice you must follow especially when riding at night. Remember that a motorcycle is smaller than a car or truck and they can easily trample you. Wear bright color safety or riding gears so that other motorist will easily notice you. Most collisions happened because motorcycle riders are not visible to car drivers.

5.   Don’t drive under the influence of alcohol. This is perhaps the most common reminder to riders. Drunk riders have slow reflexes, poor judgment when put on a difficult riding condition and become bolder which will only result to an accident.

6.   Have regular motorcycle maintenance. This is one of the best motorcycle practices riders must follow. If your bike is on top condition, you can avoid getting into an accident. Just imagine your motorcycle breaking down in the middle of a busy road or getting ejected from your motorcycle because the chain got stuck? Your negligence and failure to inspect your bike may cause you your life.

7.   Obey the law or rule of the road. If you know how to follow the rules, you’ll be safe. Accidents happened because riders did not stick by the rules. Get a driver’s license, dressed properly, wear a helmet, and not drink when driving are all part of the rules every riders must follow. Be a responsible rider.

These are the best motorcycle riding practices every rider must follow. 

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