PurePoint Golf Training Aid for Hitting your Driver and Golf Tips for Driving Better

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Here’s a little golf training aid that will help you with hitting your driver.

Do you struggle hitting your driver? Some of you tee the golf ball low,Guest Posting thinking that you will be able to drive the golf ball through the air at a different trajectory. And those of you that tee it high think that that will make it soar through the air.

You thought that when you went out and purchased that 8- degree titanium boron shaft with a super-duper new grip, that it was going to drive down the middle of every fairway. Or maybe you purchased the newest golf training aid and you think you’ll be more consistent overnight. I don’t think so.

Now here are the golf tips for driving better. The lower you tee a golf ball, the more your chance will be that you slice the ball to the right. The higher you tee the golf ball, the more your chance will be for you to hook the golf ball to the left.

If you're hooking the golf ball, tee it down a little lower. If you're slicing the golf ball, tee it up a little higher. And here’s why.

When the golf ball sits on the ground and it’s a little lower than it should be, the golf club has to come in on a steep angle and that will cause it to slice. On the other hand, if you tee it up a little higher, it will come in and enable the club face to close a little quicker.

Now, here’s the golf training aid on what to do on the first few holes.

My driver has 8 degrees of loft. That means the face is very flat. If I happen to have the club face a little too open or a little too closed at impact, the flight of the ball will either go to the far right or to the far left.

Therefore, I decided to use my great little 3 wood, and no matter what I do, I might miss it, but it won’t curve as much as if I used my driver.

So, I hit the golf ball with my 3 wood and guess what. It went into the rough, but not as far into the rough because I went with a more lofted golf club for the first few holes.

So, the next time you go play, remember this golf training aid for hitting your driver. You don’t have to pull the driver out every time you get on the tee box. Maybe you don’t use your driver for the first two or three holes until you get a little warmed up, but in the meantime, take your favorite lofted wood and give it a whack.

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