Quality Matters in Fly Reels

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Quality Matters in Fly ... by Brett ... ... else in this world, quality matters when ... If all you will ever do is fish for small trout and panfish, ... any

Quality Matters in Fly Reels   by Brett Fogle

Like everything else in this world,Guest Posting quality matters when trout
fishing. If all you will ever do is fish for small trout and pan
fish, virtually any cheap fly reel will work just fine. In these
situations, all a reel really does is to serve as a place to hold
fly line. And even a cheap reel does this task ok.

Unfortunately, this all changes once you get a large fish on the
other end of your fly line. If the fly reel you are using is not
well made with precision parts, the line will come out with
uneven tension or the fly reel may seize up altogether. The
reason cheap fly reels are inexpensive is because of what is
inside them. Most cheap reels have the cheapest types of parts
that can be found. These parts break when least desirable and
wear out very quickly. Remember, a fly reel has moving parts
inside it. A cheap fly reel will quickly begin to wear out, often
only after a year or two of moderate fishing. And it can fail
miserably if you get a large fish on the end of the line.

A high quality fly reel will truly last a lifetime. A good
quality fly reel, while it may not last a lifetime, will last
many, many years and will provide reliable duty in the field. A
very high quality fly reel will run around two hundred dollars or
more. A good quality fly reel will be in the hundred-dollar
range. A cheap fly reel will be less than fifty dollars. To me,
at least, it makes sense to spend a little bit more now so that
you don't end up having to buy another reel two years down the
road or to have a fishing trip ruined by malfunctioning gear.

Another thing to keep in mind about fly reels is how resistant
they are to corrosion. While this is vitally important in
saltwater fishing, it is still important in freshwater fishing. A
cheap fly reel has often nothing more than a cheap coat of paint
on it that soon wears off. Once that's gone the reel will
frequently start developing rust spots, among other things. A
very high quality fly reel will resist all forms of rust and
We're now familiar with quality issues on fly reels and you
should be familiar with the different types of drag systems on a
fly reel. Armed with that knowledge, it is time to move on to the
type of retrieve a fly reel offers.

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