Simple Skateboarding Tricks: Manualing

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If you’re a new skater and think that pulling off tricks is difficult, you’re wrong! The manual is a simple, fun, and most importantly, easy trick that anyone can learn as long as they know how to ride a skateboard.

Before we begin,Guest Posting I must give a disclaimer. If you happen to get hurt while trying to perform a manual, it’s your own fault. You should be wearing all of your safety equipment while practicing this trick, too.

Now that you’ve read the disclaimer, you’re ready to begin. First, be sure to put on your helmet and pads. When a new skater falls, they’re less likely to try doing a trick again. Falling can be a traumatizing experience.

You’re now ready to perform your very first trick: A Manual. Manuals are great tricks because they’re so easy to pull off. If you don’t know what a manual is, it’s very similar to what a wheelie is on a bike.

The manual is somewhat difficult to pull off – it requires a little bit of skill. You’ll want to move your front foot slightly forward on the skateboard to achieve more control. When you have your foot on the front of the deck, lean back a little bit.

As you’re leaning back, slowly pick up your front foot. If you’re doing everything correctly, you’ll notice that as you pick up your foot, the board goes with it. Don’t do this action too quickly, or you will just scrape your skateboard on the ground.

Now all you have to do is keep your balance. Some people find that sticking their arms out helps them balance. This may or may not work for you, but it’s a good idea to try it out anyway, just to see if it works.

Always adjust your positioning on the board while riding a manual. If you don’t constantly adjust with the board, then it’s likely to slip out from underneath your feet and you will find yourself sitting on the ground, defeated.

Another cool thing to try is a nose manual. Nose manuals are just like regular manuals, but you pick up the nose and not the tail of the deck. You can perform a nose manual by first setting yourself up properly by scooting forward on the deck.

After you’ve scooted up on the deck, you’ll want to be sure that your front foot is on the very tip of the deck, and your back foot is at or near the bolts in the rear of the board. This should be the perfect position for performing a nose manual.

The nose manual is the same as a regular manual, but you must perform the actions in reverse. Raise your right foot slightly and then try to balance yourself out using your arms. Most importantly, don’t fall off!

Now you know how to perform a nose manual and also a regular manual. Don’t forget to use your arms to balance yourself out, and also to keep adjusting your feet to keep yourself on the board. If you can follow these instructions, you’ll be manualling in no time at all!

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