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how long exactly is marathon? 26 miles,Guest Posting 358 yards, or 42kmand 195m, it is easier said than done. It seems hard to run if one doesn't experience a series of systematic training. It is an optimal exercise to test one's physical power, perseverance and stamina.
For a sports brand, however, to make a pair of good marathon running shoes needs a lot of time maybe longer than the preparation for a real marathon running, at the same time, strong endurance far above normal limitation also needs to be prepared.
Adidas has the soul of outdoor running shoes since the day of its brand creation because Adidas initiator himself is an outdoor running lover. Adidas particularly began to make shoes for the special sports since 1960s. Lasting sole was made to decrease shake, extensive outer sole and heel to improve stabilization, and stronger vamp to dissipate heat, which comprised Adidas marathon series running shoes' technology appeal. From then on, Adidas was dubbed the word "Marathon", and put a lot of efforts to pursue these three aspects of "shock absorption", "stability" and "heat elimination".
Adidas Marathon 80 was launched into market on the foundation of 1960s marathon training shoes. Marathon 80 was the latest and the best running shoes in that period. With endless chasing of these three technological appeals, this pair of shoes became the most beloved running shoes at that time. 30 years passed by, and in the year of 2010, Marathon 80's 30 years anniversary, Adidas specially extended Marathon 10, which is marathon running shoes in the new era.
The name of Marathon 10 has profound times reinforcement. 10 represents for 2010. As for this pair of shoes, it is not just name promotion. Actually, in these 30 years, the brand of Adidas, or rather, technology research itself is just like on the runway in a marathon without a moment's rest, also without giving up three dreams' pursuing that is , "shock absorption", "steady", and "heat dissipation". Marathon 10 is the soul of the Marathon series. It seems that these are still shoes of 30 years ago, but in fact with these 30 years constant technological innovation, it brought Marathon family Marathon 10, which is the most violent marathon training shoes.
The shoes upper part of Marathon 10 completely succeeded Marathon 80's sketch. Adidas select better materials which is more heat eliminated, ventilated and lighter instead of Marathon 80's material which is recently seems to be relatively thick common nylon.
We could say that since the day of the earliest Marathon running shoes were born, Adidas never get lost in the runway of pursuing "shock absorption", "steady", and "heat dissipation". Marathon 10 is just a measuring spot in Adidas shoe making road, and it is far away to go ahead, but we could still put on Marathon 10 to feel these 30 years' history. Each person and each company are all in one's own way. We could also say that people are all on a nonstop marathon runway.
Let's together run in this concrete or abstract marathon runway and exceed ourselves. Time could prove all efforts won't be in vain.

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