Why You Should Go For Nike SasQuatch Clone Clubs

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Nike golf products need no introduction, as these are immensely popular golf products among renowned golfers across the globe. Apart from instruments, Nike golf footwear and apparel have also been appreciated by the golf lovers.

The manufacturer has revolutionized the product category of golf clubs by introducing SasQuatch clone clubs in three different variations. In fact,Guest Posting these clubs have acted as inspirations for other manufacturers, who have also started manufacturing similar products for the golfers.

Nike SasQuatch Sumo Squared Driver

These are the first type of SasQuatch clubs from Nike, with a treasure of great capabilities as mentioned below:

An exclusive shape to help you play different shots in different situations.

The high moment of inertia offered by these clubs is helpful in deciding good results for off-center shots.

The face and body crafted using titanium is another added advantage for enhancing the comfort level of golfers.

These clubs are not only appropriately long, but are more responsive than other types of clubs available in the market.

Nike SasQuatch Sumo Driver

The next type of wonderful clubs is available in the form of SasQuatch Sumo Driver, which have some identical features to the clubs just discussed above. However, other features can differentiate these two types of clubs:

The titanium constituted head is the favoring requirement for modern golfers and these clubs are capable of fulfilling this requirement.

The width of the club face is in appropriate ratio with the club head depth and this helps in performing some good hits.

The high moment of inertia is also promised by these type of golf clubs.

Nike SasQuatch Fairway Woods

The most significant aspect of these products is that these employ Power Bow technology to expand the width of the club head. This innovative geometry of the golf clubs can result in higher shots as well as maximum distances traveled by the balls on every shot.

You can shop for Nike golf clubs according to your level of convenience, but make sure you choose a right online destination for this.

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