Xie Yalong Should Be Blamed By Us

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In April 24,Guest Posting it was reported by the Xinhua News Agency Danton that in February 2005, Xie Yalong was transferred to the football stadium center and held the post of director, and he stayed there for three years from that time on. But these three years have become his "history of his career". Took advantage of the convenience of the Group secretary between May and June of 1998, and considered the commitment of the current general manager of Qingdao Impulse Group Limited Company, Zhang Ago and the vice-general manager Shi Zhongkai, Xie Yalong made the promise that he would like to pay attention to their company during the review procedure of purchase and choose exercises machines. For this reason, he twice received ninety thousand Yuan one after another that was sent by the other side.

In order to become the supplier of the State General Administration of Sports to supply equipment, he offered help to this company as well in 1999 and 2000. Because of that, he received one hundred and ten thousand Yuan gratitude fee once after another from the other side. During the period of August 2005 and 2008, Xie Yalong received the commitment of Shao Wenzhong who was the general manager of Chinese Ford Boo Football Industry Development Corporation that was the affiliated enterprise of Chinese Football Association, and he provided help on the company's business, corporate restructuring, the reappointment of Shao Wenzhong and other aspects. For this reason, he has received nearly 310 thousand Yuan from Shao Wenzhong successively.

In October 2005 in Nanjing, Xie Yalong received fifty thousand Yuan from Zhang Yudao who was the general manager of Jiangsu Shuntian club, and Xie Yalong has promised Zhang Yudao to pay special attention to the development and promotion of the Jiangsu Shuntian group. In 2006, during the period of Chinese Super League, Shandong Luneng club's general manager Kang Mengjun turned to Xie Yalong for help, and the latter one promised to give special care to this club's some aspects, such as arrangements of referee. In the competition season of 2006, at last, the winner of both the Chinese League and Football Association was this club. In April 2007, he received Kangmeng Jun 200 thousand Yuan, which can express thanks to his help and seek to continue to pay attention to this club.

In 2006, Xie Yalong helped Nike Sports (China) Limited Company become the sponsor of Super League. For that purpose, it was indicated that a total amount of 178,400 Yuan has been sent to him by the company's marketing director, Li Tong. On August 17, 2006, Xie Yalong accepted a consumption card by the value of 20,000 Yuan in Beijing Shunfeng Diet Hotel from ZhuJun who was the original investor of Shanghai United Football Club, and he promised to give support to the club on referee judging and other aspects. He committed that he was going to assist and support Zhu Jun get the Shanghai Shenhua club's franchise after Zhu Jun sent 200 thousand Yuan to him once more in early 2007.

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