5 Best Kiosk Survey Software you can use in 2020

Apr 16


Archit Jain

Archit Jain

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All businesses determine their success based on sales turnover. While that is a very important and crucial metric to track for any business, it is also important, especially for customer-centric busin...


All businesses determine their success based on sales turnover. While that is a very important and crucial metric to track for any business, 5 Best Kiosk Survey Software you can use in 2020 Articles it is also important, especially for customer-centric businesses, to also track customer satisfaction and happiness as a success metric. 

The best way to track customer satisfaction is to use ways and means to capture customer feedback. There’s no point guessing what may or may not be working for your customers - just ask them. 

One very popular way to get customer feedback is to ask them for their feedback while they’re still on-premises. Face-to-face feedback or on-premise feedback is a great way to know your customers’ experience at the moment. At restaurants, hotels, retail stores, education centers, hospitals, service centers, banks, business centers, airports, and any other business location, you can set up Kiosk Survey Software to get customers’ feedback in real-time. 

Touch Screen Survey Kiosks have become really popular to get patient feedback at hospitals and clinics, to get guest feedback at restaurants and hotels, to get shoppers’ feedback at retail stores, to get student feedback at colleges and educational institutions and to capture leads at events. 

With effective Survey Kiosks, you can directly take feedback from your customers after they have experienced your services. With real-time feedback, your team gets equipped with data that you can use to address issues and concerns and reduce customer churn rate in your business. 

Let’s review 5 Best Kiosk Survey Software you can try in 2020 for your business.

1. Zonka Feedback 

Zonka Feedback is one of the leading Kiosk Survey App used by companies worldwide to take unattended feedback and run offline surveys. With Zonka Feedback, you can easily turn your Android Tablets and iPads as Survey Kiosks that capture customer feedback and data in real-time, without any assistance.

All responses and feedback captured through the Zonka Feedback Kiosk Survey Software are in real-time viewable at a ‘Response Inbox’ which gives you a complete overview of each feedback along with metrics like CSAT Score, NPS, and CES. You can set up instant email notifications and SMS alerts for feedback responses and negative feedback to keep your team up to date about the feedback coming in. This helps you to quickly view and analyze each feedback and collaborate with team members to take action and resolve issues.

Zonka Feedback’s Kiosk Survey App is a great pick for some very interesting and useful features like - 

    • Offline Surveys - Run surveys in offline mode using Zonka Feedback, i.e. take feedback without WiFi and sync later when internet connectivity is available. 
    • Loop Surveys - When a customer completes filling a form, your survey will automatically loop and restart and is ready for the next customer. 
    • Manage Survey Time Out - You can set a survey time out wherein if there is inactivity or a customer abandons the survey, the survey can automatically restart after a few seconds or minutes. This ensures that you don’t need a staff member managing the Survey Kiosk Device at all times. 
    • Remote Survey Kiosk Device Tracking - One big reason why most kiosk implementations don’t work well is that there’s no way to track the Survey Devices set up. Not anymore. With Zonka Feedback, you can remotely track the devices, view their current status, uptime, responses captured and a lot more. 


  • Real-time Responses & Alerts - You can set up instant email and SMS alerts for feedback responses and negative feedback to be notified in real-time and take action immediately to address customer issues and concerns.
  • Detailed Analytics - With Zonka’s real-time reporting, you can monitor every feedback and get an in-depth analysis of all responses. Take action on customer feedback to swiftly resolve issues and improve customer experience.   
  • APIs, Webhooks & Integrations - Zonka Feedback Survey App is easily integratable with some very popular platforms and applications like Zapier, Twilio, Plivo and more. With powerful integrations, custom APIs and Webhooks available, you can do feedback management on steroids.

2. QuickTapSurvey

QuickTapSurvey is another good offline kiosk survey tool that allows you to capture real-time customer feedback data. It provides a highly secure kiosk system that easily tracks the uptime and performance of the active kiosk survey devices at the same time.

With QuickTapSurvey you can easily connect your kiosk surveys to the third party platform & apps like MailChimp, Zapier, and Salesforce for easy data management. This third-party integration feature enables you to add new contacts to your email database, send text messages, and update CRM with new lead information.

3. FellaFeeds

FellaFeeds is another kiosk feedback software that easily turns your Android Tablets and iPads as both Online/Offline Kiosk Survey App.FellaFeed Kiosk Survey Tool is known for its beautiful and clutter-free survey templates. Not only templates, but it serves you with tons of features that can simplify your feedback collection process.

FellaFeeds allows business owners to manage and track kiosk devices installed at various touchpoints or multiple locations. It also provides receive location-based reports and alerts for comparative analysis of reports between different locations to take necessary decisions.

4. SurveyToGo

If you want to deliver a fantastic kiosk survey experience to your customers, then SurveyToGo is the good-to-go option for you. It offers special built-in support for kiosk-based surveys for small and big agencies alike.

SurveyToGo offers custom flash-based ads along with a special administrator password that enables administrators to log in and run maintenance if needed. Thus, the SurveyToGo survey platform is supported with customized options like custom logos and colors. This, in turn, helps you to improve the branding of the survey.

5. piHappiness

piHappiness is another powerful kiosk survey platform that enables you to captures real-time feedback on the go. piHappiness kiosk survey system is a multi-channel, multi-lingual, and multi-location feedback system.

It comprises lots of enticing features like track kiosk survey device, real-time notifications & alerts, multi-locations report analyses, and much more. piHappiness software assists you to track consumer trends and resolve problems while the customer is still on the business premises.