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As every day passes by, technology is striving towards huge success and growth. This huge success has led to the rise of the eCommerce industry that has changed the way of living life of individuals on the globe. Today, people can do whatever they want in a short span of time. One of the most advanced and convenient processes provided by the eCommerce industry is the process of online shopping. Today, consumers can buy their favorite products after exploring a wide variety of products online. And, this all could be done just by sitting at their comfort zones.

As technology is enhancing itself,Guest Posting sellers also need to enhance their mode of business and give a try to sell online. As consumers are more attracted to online shopping more, sellers should sell their products through an online platform. Although there are many sellers owning an online platform but are not able to make enough sales and profits.

Marketplaces are one of the most popular and high traffic websites as they provide each and every kind of product on a single platform that saves both the time and energy of customers. Selling on a Marketplace will definitely enable sellers to earn a good amount of sales and profits. This will also help them to enhance their brand image and increase the trust of customers too.

If you are an OpenCart store owner dealing in the online trading of handmade items, Etsy is the perfect platform to sell your products on it. Etsy Marketplace is the professional seller community that deals in the online trading of handmade products and vintage items like clothes, toys, sports items, jewelry, etc.

 KnowBand offers OpenCart Etsy Integrator Extension that enables sellers to integrate their OpenCart store with Etsy Marketplace in just a few simple steps. Its seamless technology enables sellers to map their product listings on Etsy without any hassle. The API Integrator bridges the gap between the OpenCart store and Etsy Marketplace. After successful integration, sellers can list their products on Etsy and earn a huge chunk of profits.

Features of OpenCart Etsy Integrator Extension:

1. Hassle-Free Integration: OpenCart Etsy Connector module connects the OpenCart eCommerce store and Etsy marketplace in an easy way and can be set up in just a few clicks.

2. Real-Time Synchronization: The real-time synchronization feature of the OpenCart Etsy connector plugin reduces the time and effort consumed in manual synchronization.

3. Manage Inventory: With the help of the profile-based listing, the Etsy OpenCart API integration plugin allows the admin to manage the inventory in bulk which helps in saving time.

4. Mapping Categories: The Etsy OpenCart connector plugin allows admin to map the categories of the store to the Etsy marketplace. The mapping of the categories helps to upload products in bulk.

5. Manage lists from the backend: Admin can view the list of all the products from backend without visiting the marketplace with the help of OpenCart Etsy API integration.

6. Bulk Product Upload: Admin can map the products of his store to the Etsy marketplace. The mapping option helps in bulk uploading of the products via OpenCart Etsy Integration Plugin.

7. Sync Orders: The OpenCart Etsy Connector allows admin to sync the orders received from the Etsy marketplace with the OpenCart store and these orders can directly be processed from OpenCart store.

8. Change Order Status: The synchronization tab of OpenCart to Etsy Synchronization allows admin to change the order status by just a few button clicks.

9. Track Errors: The OpenCart Etsy Integration Module allows admin to track the errors that occurred while product listing.

10. Create Shipping Templates: The admin gets to create their shipping templates for the Etsy customer as per their convenience via OpenCart Etsy Marketplace Integration.

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