The application of powder metallurgy technology in ordnance industry

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The weapon powder metallurgy technology refers to the technology that use metal or other powder materials with mixing powder compacts, sintering, molding and post-treatment process to manufacture a variety of porous, semi-compact or compact weapons parts and products.

Weapons powder metallurgy technology is a key manufacturing technology for anti-tank kinetic energy components of the core armor-piercing bombs,Guest Posting missiles, engine nozzles, ceramic armor components, tanks, driveline friction plate. It includes special weapons parts, hot isostatic pressing, cold isostatic pressing technology , the sintering process, self-propagating high temperature synthesis, powder injection molding technology, powder forging technology, powder metallurgy parts performance testing, and nondestructive testing technology.

Because metal powder technology had the characteristics of low cost, high material utilization and manufacturing parts of the net shape or near shape, it is especially suitable for mass production in the conventional manufacturing process of replacing some of the weapons parts. It can also improve product performance, shorter cycle times, extended service life and the effect in lowering production costs.

Powder metallurgy technology is widely used in munitions. HEAT drugs such as 20mm, 50mm shells of pure iron powder metallurgy rotating shells with heavy metal tungsten powder metallurgy kinetic energy penetrator core, metal powder injection molding armor-piercing fin-shaped hood, auto-homing seeker powder metallurgy, etc., and its application The volume is very large. Russian artillery shells and brass powder metallurgy molding cartridge belt.

The application of the artillery, powder metallurgy technology has created a resistance to burn the ablation of nickel base or cobalt-based alloy lining placed in the barrel bore to improve performance, with ablation resistance, wear resistance, abrasion and other characteristics, and manufacturing manganese powder technology is more mature. U.S. hot HIP technology manufacturing complex shape of the M113 type 175mm cannon off every thread breech, each piece can save 34kg of material (kg), 15 hours, nearly 25% weight loss. In addition, the United States has also used a mixture of the vanadium modified 4600 steel powder and natural graphite, nearly forming ring manufactured by powder forging method for large caliber artillery gun breech assembly in a closed gas ring.

Powder metallurgy technology for the manufacture of some of the special weapons parts (such as outside the core kinetic energy penetrators, artillery, MISSILES anti-ablative liner, etc.), can also replace traditional materials and processes used in the manufacture of armored vehicles, firearms, artillery or the MISSILES parts to further improve performance and reduce costs. Many foreign research or application examples have confirmed the feasibility of performance, service life and cost.

Development of weaponry and technology produce a series of new challenges for weapons parts manufacturing’s quality, affordability, development and manufacturing cycle and emergency capacity. A new generation of weapons and equipment needs more advanced manufacturing boron powder techniques to meet these requirements. Weapons powder metallurgy technology is not only the key manufacturing technology for anti-tank kinetic energy penetrators, missile engine nozzles, ceramic armor components, tanks, driveline friction plate elements. Because it has low cost of technology and high material utilization which can achieve net shape or near-molding, it is suitable for mass production and can replace the conventional manufacturing process of certain weapons parts. Meanwhile it can improve product performance, reduce cycle time, prolong life and reduce the effect of the cost of production. So it will become one of key manufacturing technologies for development of new generation weapons and equipment. Source:

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