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Some facts about web application development may amaze you. Here are those facts: Every website gets outdated in three years due to the new technologies in the market, most readers just scan the website and make their opinions within 0.9 seconds, source code impacts website ranking, website template affects website capabilities, etc.

Here is a common scenario.

“A businessman invests in online advertising of his services on a popular business platform and gets some good prospects too. But before contacting him directly,Guest Posting the prospects decide to do some research. So, they visit their business website.

And then, there is no inquiry from their side and no call for fixing appointments as well.

What happened to them? Did the flaws in his website put a bad impression? Did they prefer visiting his competitor’s websites rather?”

This scenario indicates that building a website isn’t the end. It has to be attractive, engaging, and user-friendly. It needs to be upgraded with the latest trends from time-to-time. Likewise, there are several factors right from the web application development stage to deployment stage that affect the functioning of a website.

Here are some interesting facts from experienced web application development companies that should be kept in mind and may help you in the long run.

Noteworthy Facts about Web Application Development

Most Visitors Just Scan the Website

Research shows that the majority of the website visitors simply scan the website and hardly read the content thoroughly. So, to grab their attention and increase their wait-time, a website needs to have more content like headings, sub-headings, bulleted pointers, and attractive graphics. Paragraphs should be kept smaller. Also, font style, white spaces, outbound hypertext links, etc. must be taken care of.

Look And Feel of the Website matter

The appearance of a website majorly impacts the success or failure of the business. How much traffic will be generated, how many users will stay, for how long, etc. are a few factors that are decided based on the appearance of the website. Today’s users have a very short attention time-span and take just 0.9 seconds to judge and make opinions about your website. So, to make them stick, the website has to be creative and visually compelling.

All the Websites Have a Limited Life Span

Every website comes with an expiry date of about three years. Technology is evolving at a fast pace and everything on the internet keeps changing. New trends, software, hardware, etc. are introduced almost daily. A website too is affected by this. To match the standards in the market, it needs to be upgraded with the new-age technologies.

Majority of Web Users use Mobiles

Mobile phones have taken over the web world too. These devices are very handy to use, hence the majority of users, approximately 2/3rd users, access websites through their phones. So, a website should be compatible with various devices and must be optimized for a seamless user experience.

Demographics based Actions of User

Demographic data based on factors like age, sex, country, culture, education, employment, etc. of the target audience can be smartly used for making an impressive website. Businesses should do an in-depth analysis of the demographics and then thoughtfully develop the websites to impact user behavior.

Website’s Source Code Influences Search Engine Ranking

Search engines also read the website source code to decide the ranking of a website. Well-formed and SEO-friendly source codes make it easier for the search engines to catch the ranking signals. So, during the web application development process, the elements like the HTML title tags, header tags, Meta descriptions, structured data tags, etc. must be considered.

Website Templates restrict the Website’s Abilities

Using ready-made templates for web application development is trending because it is highly time-efficient. Those with less or no knowledge of coding usually prefer templates. But templates make things limited. For instance, you can’t utilize the elements you want on your website or you can’t optimize the graphics as per choice, etc. Such limitations of the website affect the brand value.

Multimedia impacts the Responsiveness of a Website

Using enticing images, videos, animations, etc. does influence the audience, but their over-usage can have a negative effect on the website. It could slow down the website, make it look messy and also leave the users frustrated. So it is essential to use multimedia judiciously.

Over to You:

Today, having a business website is highly essential for almost every existing or new business. A website is an ultimate platform for expanding the business globally, for improving communication with the clients or the end-users and for easily becoming accessible to one and all. So, if the website is built keeping the above-mentioned points in mind, chances are that it can be built more efficiently and with fewer flaws.

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