Expert Tips on Visiting the Great Bear Rainforest

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Wildlife enthusiasts searching for exciting bear tours should consider the Great Bear Rainforest - home to Grizzlies, Black and Kermode Bears.

There are a great many bear tours for wildlife enthusiasts to choose from,Guest Posting but it is perhaps the Great Bear Rainforest, in Canada, that attracts the most attention. Not only is it abundant with incredible animals ranging from bears and wolves to Bald Eagles and even whales and dolphins, but it is also one of the largest remaining areas of temperate rainforest in the world. With its wide range of wildlife, a visit to this wonderful place is truly a treat for any animal enthusiast and, true to its name, the forest is particularly appealing for its exciting opportunities for bear watching. Here are some expert tips for bear watching in the Great Bear Rainforest.

Getting Around

As would be expected, the rainforest can sometimes prove difficult to navigate, making the easiest route to travel via water. Wildlife enthusiasts can embark on fantastic bear tours using this mode of transport - including seven-night wildlife cruises.

Not only is the water ideal for observing a variety of bear species, but it also presents the opportunity for visitors to encounter amazing marine life such as Orcas, Grey Whales, Pacific White-sided Dolphins and Steller’s Sea Lions.

Time of Visits

Late summer plays host to the return of millions of Pacific salmon to the waters of British Columbia. This incredible natural phenomenon is not only an amazing sight in itself, but it also brings various hungry bear species along with it. This makes late August the ideal time for wildlife enthusiasts to embark on bear tours to the Great Bear Rainforest.

The choice of exploring the rainforest via the water is not only the easiest but also the most sensible, as it situates visitors right in the throng of wildlife activity. It makes for prime positioning to see some amazing animal species while taking in the beautiful sights of the British Columbian waterways.


There are several different species of bear that visitors should keep their eyes peeled for when exploring the Great Bear Rainforest. With the return of the Pacific salmon coinciding with many of the bear tours, the chance of spotting a Grizzly Bear is dramatically increased. There are a few rivers that have become favoured fishing areas and, if you travel with a reputable company, an experienced wildlife guide will offer the best chance of sightings. Khutze Inlet is a gorgeous salmon river found near the Princess Royal Island, and has become a popular dining area for Grizzlies.

Spirit and Black Bears

Another species that is highly sought after for sightings on bear tours is the rare Kermode Bear, otherwise known as the Spirit Bear. The Kermode Bear is a variant of the Black Bear, which has white or cream coloured fur and has come to be an iconic symbol of the Great Bear Rainforest. Its beautiful fur colour is the result of a recessive gene, which is only found in one out of every ten Black Bears.

This species is incredibly rare as it only exists on the Princess Royal Island in British Columbia or in Alaska, and has been protected by generations of native people. The Black Bear is also found here and, while it is more common, it is no less majestic. Both have grown accustomed to the presence of humans and are often more than accommodating during photo opportunities.

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