How To Get Visitors To Stay On Your Website

Dec 27


Bernie Rosellen

Bernie Rosellen

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Find out what a website needs to keep visitors browsing and get them to act.


How To Get Visitors To Stay On Your WebsiteAnd Take The Actions That You Want Them To

Many websites lose visitors once they get there.Here is what a website needs to keep them browsing.

It is common knowledge that a website has about three or four seconds to capture a visitor’s attention before they click on to somewhere else.  What is not so commonly known is how to get those visitors to stay on your website and having them take some kind of action like filling out a form,How To Get Visitors To Stay On Your Website Articles making a purchase, click on your ads or whatever the purpose of your website is.

Although much has been written about how to retain website visitors and motivate them to act, the three key elements that make up a great website are often overlooked for the more sublime methods that are supposed to give one an edge.  There are many strategies involved in getting your website found and then getting your visitors to stay on your site until they do what you want.

These three elements fall into the categories of visual attractiveness, compelling and search engine optimized content, and ease of navigation.  Having all three of these elements in your website will ensure that you achieve your online objectives.  Each one needs to be effectively integrated with the others in order to optimize your site’s effectiveness.

A visually attractive website is comprised of images and graphics that are strategically located on each page of your site.  The left top of your site’s pages are usually looked at first, then the middle, then the left side bar and finally the right side, which receives the least eyeball time, mainly due to people being used to seeing ads along the right side of websites.  Images and logos should be related to the content on the page and complement the overall color scheme and theme of the website.

Nothing is more critical to a website than content.  Words motivate people in a way that pictures cannot.  The content of your website has to be both friendly to your visitors and the search engines.  Words and thoughts need to be expressed very carefully and in the right context so that visitors are motivated and the search engines regard your website as worthy of listing your website on their search engines.

Along with attractiveness and good content, a website needs to be easily navigated so that visitors are maneuvered through your pages to the areas on your website that you want them to concentrate on for filling out a form or buying something or whatever.   Each page should offer the ability to maneuver to any other page and to be able to contact you, prominently displayed.   Make it easy for people to find what they want, offer it to them, and then make it easy and fast for them to get it.

There are many services that offer website design and development.  One of the best and most reasonably priced websites you can get can be found at  Check them out.  You get a great site for little money.  I use them for all my websites and online marketing and the wonderful people there give me great results.

The key to a good website is incorporating the above-mentioned elements in a way that creates the image that you want to convey.  Concentrate on these basics, fine-tune them as you get feedback from your visitors and add new content to your site in the form of periodic blogs or articles related to your website’s theme.  Now you can focus on the task of attracting more visitors to your website.

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